How do you know if a crack in your building is harmless or not? Cracks in ceilings and walls are a common problem for both old and new buildings. Some cracks can be quickly fixed with plaster and paint, while more serious cracks are an indication of foundation problems.

It’s always a good idea to get a professional’s opinion because if not properly repaired, cracking can seriously damage your building structure. Professional help can evaluate whether you’re experiencing structural cracks or non-structural cracks.

For over 20 years, URETEK ICR Gulf Coast has offered foundation repair services in Greater Houston that have resolved a vast variety of foundation problems. This guide will help you determine how serious your foundation situation is and how to address it.

What to Look For

A damaged foundation isn’t always obvious. If you notice any of these problems in your house or business, there is likely a foundation issue that needs to be addressed.

Common indicators of a faulty foundation:

  • Shifted door frames
  • Cracks in walls and ceilings
  • Jammed doors or windows that stick
  • Pipes, doors, or windows out of kilter
  • Sinking floor surfaces
  • Twisting roof rafters

Foundation Cracks Pictures

There are several different types of foundation cracks in walls, ceilings, and floors, some more serious than others. These images of foundation problems should help you determine whether you need to contact a foundation repair specialist.

Wall Cracks

foundation cracks pictures

Cracking brick is a sign of foundation issues. It’s normal for minor cracks to appear in a building’s foundation over the first couple years, but larger cracks in the brick or concrete can indicate settling.

pictures of bad foundation cracks

Stair step cracks are one of the most common indicators of serious damage to foundation walls.

Foundation Cracks

images of foundation problems

You can easily determine the severity of a crack is by measuring its length and width. Cracks that are 2-6 inches long and 5-15mm wide are classified as moderate, while those longer than 15mm are considered very serious. In addition, cracks that appear in the middle of ceilings and walls are more likely to be a sign of structural issues.

The amount of cracking can also tell you about the state of your foundation. Most of the time, the more cracks you see, the more problems there are with your building’s structure.

Before and After Foundation Pictures

At URETEK Gulf Coast, we make foundation crack repairs throughout the Greater Houston area every day. Check out these foundation repair before and after pictures that our experts repaired.

Exterior Brick Cracks

before and after foundation pictures

Settling often results in large stair-step cracks, and as time passes, the cracks widen further. In this case, we were able to repair the crack and restore the wall, preventing further foundation damage.

Interior Wall Cracks Around Doors/Windows

foundation issue pictures

This common type of interior crack is caused by stress on weak parts of the wall as the building’s foundation shifts. They often appear above windows and doors, and below windows. Consult a professional if you suspect these types of cracks in your building.

Keep in mind, not all drywall cracks are a result of foundation issues. However, if you notice drywall cracks that keep reappearing, it may be an indication of foundation problems.

URETEK Gulf Coast for Your Houston Foundation Repair

It’s best to deal with foundation issues as soon as possible. Hopefully, these images of foundation problems gave you an idea of what to look for in and around your home. If you suspect an issue with your foundation, reach out to a trusted professional in your area.

URETEK Gulf Coast is the leading Houston contractor for foundation repair. With over 20 years of industry experience, we’ve provided home repair and services to thousands of clients across the country.

Contact URETEK Gulf Coast today for assistance with your home or business foundation.