Residential Foundation Repair Warranty

Honoring our warranties in the Greater Houston area including Lufkin, Beaumont, Galveston and Victoria since opening our doors in 2000.

Receiving a warranty for home residential foundation repair is wonderful because it signifies accountability by your contractor and obliges future responsibility. However, a warranty is only as good as the company warranting the work. You should hire an honest, professional foundation repair company with a history of high-quality workmanship and customer service.

URETEK ICR Gulf Coast has been a member of the Houston Better Business Bureau since 2001 and has maintained an “A+” rating the entire time.  We stand behind our work, we stand behind our warranty, and we stand for excellent customer service.

Foundation Repair Warranty

We multi-year limited warranty on most home residential foundation repairs. Our warranty covers any settlement at the original scope of work. This warranty applies for both of our foundation repair solutions—polymer injection and pressed pilings. If there is settlement within the warranty period we will make the adjustments at no additional cost to the customer.

Exceptions do apply and some circumstances may require an alteration to the warranty. Please see your contract for details or refer to your URETEK Representative.

Transferable Warranty

Selling your home or recently purchased a home at which URETEK has completed foundation repair? Our warranty is fully transferable. Transfers must take place within 6-months of taking ownership. Proof of property ownership is required by the new owner before we will transfer the warranty.

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Why don’t you offer a lifetime warranty?

We don’t offer lifetime warranties because they’re unrealistic and those that do, sometimes, have an ulterior motive. In the foundation repair industry a lifetime warranty is a sales tool that ensures future opportunity to get in front of the customer and sell more work. We’re uninterested in that business model. We prefer to offer a high-quality service at a reasonable price AND provide an honest warranty that we can stand behind.

To be clear, we fully expect our Houston foundation repair to outlast our warranty. URETEK does not do temporary foundation repair.  And, for time period that under you’re under our warranty you’ll receive excellent customer service and respect.

Can I transfer my foundation repair warranty to the new homeowner?

No, but the new owner can. Warranty transfers must be done no more than 6 months after the property has sold and must be initiated by the new owner. You will be required to provide proof of ownership.

To complete a warranty transfer call us: (281) 894-4990 

What does the warranty cover?

Our warranty covers settlement within the original scope of work. Our warranty does not cover settlement that has occurred after: a plumbing or sewer leak, modifications to our work, or an act of God. Other exceptions do apply and some circumstances may require an alteration to the warranty. Please see your contract for details or refer to your URETEK Representative.

How do I request warranty work?

You can request warranty work by contacting us at the office directly: (281) 894-4990 or contacting your representative.