Stormwater Infrastructure Sealing, Rehabilitation, and I&I Sealing

Leaky joints and faulty connections can allow groundwater and surface water to enter a stormwater system. URETEK can stop inflow and infiltration by sealing joints and encapsulating manholes.

Since 2000, URETEK ICR Gulf Coast has used expanding closed-cell polymer to stop water infiltration and extend the life of aging stormwater assets. Our injection process is a fast, low-cost alternative to traditional rehab methods that require excavation and replacement.

We use an innovative high-density polymer and injection process to seal manholes, lateral lines, and box culverts—no excavation or heavy equipment needed. Our versatile injection process allows URETEK technicians to target the source of infiltration and stabilize surrounding soils.

URETEK provide long-lasting results for private utilities, municipalities, local governments and government agencies in the Greater Houston and the Texas’ Gulf Coast.


URETEK Stops Inflow & Infiltration and Rehabs Storm Water and Infrastructure Assets Like…






Lift Stations


Box Culverts & Storm


Catch Basins


Sloped Paving


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Why is High-Density Polymer Injection the Right Solution for I&I Repair and Rehab?

Most URETEK I & I remediations and manhole rehabs take one day and rarely do storm water assets need to be taken out of service. Our fast-curing polymer provides real-time results and service takes a fraction of the time it would take to replace an asset.


Rehabbing leaky and aging infrastructure with URETEK is significantly more economical than replacing it. Other repair methods may be costly and require pavement breakup and excavation—not URETEK. Our polymer is injected through small 3/8” injection sites from surface-level or within the asset.

Proven & Successful

URETEK has successfully sealed hundreds of manholes, box culvert, and RCP joints with polymer.  Municipalities, MUDS, and private operators have trusted high-density polymer to stop inflow for decades.

How does URETEK repair stormwater and wastewater infrastructure?

URETEK repairs underground infrastructure by stopping inflow and infiltration, stabilizing loose soils, filling underground voids caused by inflow around the asset, and fixing misaligned joints with expanding high-density polymer injections.

The key to URETEK’s success is our patented polymer and injection process which allows us to repair assets that have limited access, are located underground, and in hard-to-reach areas.

Our polymer is lightweight, closed cell, hydro-insensitive with excellent resistance to solvents and chemicals. URETEK polymer cures normally in the presence of water and doesn’t shrink, swell, or leach into soil and groundwater.

Technicians seal leaking stormwater assets by injecting polymer at the area of infiltration. A 5/8” injection port is drilled through the asset and polymer is injected into the soil. The polymer seeks the path of least resistance as it expands—typically filling voids and densifying soils initially, then finding loose joints and areas of infiltration. Polymer through joints into the RCP or manhole is a sign that points of infiltration are being cut off. Any polymer inside the structure is scraped and removed by technicians.

URETEK has more than 20 years’ experience and completed hundreds successful I & I repairs, manhole rehabs, and joint sealing on precast concrete pipe. 

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