Infrastructure Rehabilitation Solutions

Zero-excavation infrastructure repair with polyurethane foam injections.

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Infrastructure Repair & Stabilization in Houston, TX

URETEK ICR Gulf Coast’s provides zero-excavation solutions for repairing and extending the life of inefficient, leaking infrastructure assets like manholes, culverts and lateral lines. We provide long-lasting results for private utilities, municipalities, local governments and government agencies in the Greater Houston area—including Dallas, San Antonio, Victoria, Beaumont, Lufkin and Galveston.

We provide zero-excavation infrastructure repair solutions for:

  • Lateral Line Sealing
  • Culvert Sealing and Stabilization
  • Manhole Rehabilitation and Stabilization
  • Dam and Spillway Restoration
  • Catch Basin Sub-Base Repair
  • Under-Sealing
  • Joint Repair

Houston Infrastructure Repair Process

At URETEK, we utilize two unique and innovative injection techniques to seal, lift and stabilize infrastructure assets—Deep Injection® Process and The URETEK Method®. The keystone to both techniques is our structural-grade, patented expanding geopolymer (also called polyurethane foam). Geopolymer is lightweight, high-density, eco-friendly and hydro-insensitive.Houston Infrastructure Repair Process

Our patented Deep Injection® Process is used to repair underground assets with zero-excavation. The Deep Injection® Process allows us to seal joints, void fill and stabilize without using heavy digging equipment or machinery; that means we can repair asset areas that have limited access or are hard to reach with traditional equipment and methods. Our Deep Injection® Process is the only zero-excavation method for foam foundation repair and foundation soil stabilization on the market. Pumped to depth, the geopolymer expands and creates dense aggregate that can stabilize surrounding soil and seal leaking joints. By monitoring and controlling geopolymer expansion, we can achieve tailored solutions and solve a variety of infrastructure problems. The URETEK Method® is used to repair on-grade assets. Similarly, we lift, void fill, under-seal and stabilize concrete assets by injecting our expanding geopolymer directly underneath you asset’s affected area.

With over two decades of experience, URETEK technology offers a fast, cost-effective, eco-friendly, zero-excavation solution for inflow and infiltration projects to ensure ultimate quality control on each infrastructure project. We have the most polyurethane injection experience on the market and award-winning customer service. Our sales team has construction and practical engineering experience and our technicians are highly-trained. Technicians have regular safety meetings and submit to job site-specific safety and protocol classes. URETEK is the cleaner, quicker alternative to rip-and-replace repairs. Let us revitalize your aging assets with zero-excavation.

WHY Choose URETEK for your commercial property:

  • The Most Experience with Polyurethane Injections
  • Experienced Technicians
  • Fast: Repairs only take a fraction of the time vs. rip-and-replace
  • Minimal Disruption: System shutdowns are unnecessary
  • Zero-Excavation Repairs
  • Environmentally Safe & NSF/ANSI 61 certified