Drainage Control Services

Effective drainage systems can prevent foundation problems on new properties and increase the longevity of foundation repairs on older properties.

URETEK ICR Gulf Coast provides drainage control services for homeowners and commercial properties in Greater Houston and neighboring communities. Get rainwater away from your foundation by letting URETEK install a drainage system at your property.

Drainage is an excellent home and property improvement that will enhance and stabilize the soil condition around your foundation. Our excellent customer service and hardworking crew members are ready to install your drainage system today!

Why do you need good drainage?

To Protect Your Foundation

Downspout that deposit water close to your foundation and pooling water can cause foundation problems. Your home or commercial property’s foundation sits on a bed of prepared and compacted soil. Pooling rainwater can disturb, erode, and weaken the soil under your foundation. Efficient drainage will capture water at gutter downspouts and low-spots around you foundation, and then move it toward drain basins.

To Manage Soil Conditions

Maintaining consistent moisture levels can mitigate the effects of unpredictable weather. Rain can oversaturated your soil causing it to swell and dry weather can cause your soil to shrink. The effects of both, oversaturation and dryness, can cause your foundation to shift and walls to crack. Drainage will help you avoid the peaks and valleys of inconsistent moisture levels and give you more control over your foundation.

To Prevent Mold, Rot, Pests

Pooling stagnant water is an invitation for mold, rot, and pests. Capturing water at downspouts and low spots removes the water source and revokes the invitation. Prevent the potential for mold growth and rot by investing in drainage. Don’t provide a breeding ground and water source for pests like mosquitoes and termites. In additions, stagnant water can lead to cosmetic eyesores like weed growth.

We design and install drainage solutions for:






Office Spaces


Parking Garages




Retail Centers





Homeowner financing available!

No interest and traditional installment plans are available to homeowners through a trusted third-party lender. If financing isn't for you, we do accept credit card and other traditional payment methods.

Get professonional drainage solutions for home and business.

How can URETEK’s drainage control services benefit your business? Our project managers will design a system that will capture rainwater, and then direct it away from your foundation. We can connect directly to your gutter downspouts and pipe water to existing drain basins at the street or nearby.

Do you have low spots that collect water? We can install drain boxes to capture the pooling water. Drain boxes are installed at low spots to collect pooling, and then piped away from your foundation to drain basins at the street or nearby. By redirecting the water away from your property, you can prevent potential flooding and foundation damage.

Don’t let drainage issues ruin your property. Give the professionals at URETEK Gulf Coast a call. We’ve been designing and installing foundation drainage systems in Houston for a long time and can help you find the right solution to protect your home or business from water damage.

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