Soil Stabilization Services


Zero-excavation soil stabilization solutions utilizing polyurethane foam injections.

Soil Stabilization in Houston, TX

Aggregate loose soils and increase load-bearing capacity with soil stabilizing polyurethane foam injections.

Unstable soil strata can create sinkholes and put structures at risk of massive foundational damage. Loose soil can cause a property’s foundation to settle, shift, crack, and leak.

Some typical culprits of unstable soil are: pockets of groundwater, deep ground voids and underground soil fissures. Weather conditions such as rain, snow, and temperature fluctuations can create fissures and water pockets that form voids, or enclosed empty spaces, in the soil.

If you delay stabilizing the soil, your property can suffer from further foundation damage, plumbing problems, and water and mold damage. URETEK offers minimally invasive soil stabilization services that help you avoid escalating repair costs.

URETEK ICR Gulf Coast offers a reliable soil stabilization solution and sinkhole repair to the greater Houston area with our patented geopolymer injection technique called Deep Injection®. This process allows for densification and consolidation of weak subsurface soil strata at depth with zero-excavation.

Densification is a method that rearranges soil particles more tightly. Our soil stabilization services compact the soil to create a sturdier and more reliable subgrade surface for the foundation.

With a soil report, URETEK identifies areas of weak subsurface soil and provides a tailored and accurate soil stabilization solution. After weak subsurface areas are located, URETEK uses the Deep Injection® process to inject our expanding geopolymer at subsurface depths—addressing the problem at the source.

Soil Injection Repair

With URETEK’s soil stabilization services you don’t have to worry about contamination because their geopolymer is eco-friendly and environmentally inert. In fact, URETEK’s geopolymer is NSF/ANSI 61 certified—meaning it doesn’t contain contaminates that could leach into groundwater.

Trained URETEK technicians perform soil stabilization services by injecting a patented expanding polyurethane foam into the soil, initiating a reaction that causes it to expand and fill voids, crevices, and gaps in the soil structure. This process increases the soil’s density by effectively compacting and stabilizing the soil particles without the need for traditional mechanical compaction techniques. This technique enhances the load-bearing capacity of the soil, making it an ideal solution for foundation and infrastructure projects that need a solid and dependable base.

The Deep Injection® process can be used in a variety of unique and specialized ways for soil stabilization and foundation repair in Houston, TX. Our geopolymer can stabilize subsurface soils up to 20 feet underground with zero-excavation. And, because Deep Injection is a zero-excavation process, disruption and noise are minimal with this soil injection repair. Let URETEK ICR Gulf Coast provide a fast, effective and reliable soil stabilization solution to your problem.

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