Pressed Piling Foundation Repair

Lift and stabilize your perimeter foundation.

Pressed Piling Systems in Houston, TX

Lift and stabilize your foundation with our long-lasting and economical pressed piling foundation repair system.

URETEK uses pressed pilings to lift and stabilize your subsiding foundation at it’s perimeter. Cracked brick and shifting walls are typical signs of foundation subsidence. Use URETEK to lift and stabilize your sinking foundation.

Your perimeter foundation is extremely susceptible to environmental influences like rain and drought. Over saturation from rain causes soil to swell. Extreme heat and dryness causes soil to shrink. It’s these extreme and inconsistent environmental conditions that weaken and erode your soil base which leads to a cracking, shifting, and subsidence. The pressed piling system is used to reach a deeper soil base that isn’t as vulnerable to poor and inconsistent environmental conditions.

Using your home’s or building’s weight as a counter-force, concrete pilings are consecutively pressed into the soil until they reach total resistance. With the weight of the home resting on the piling, workers gently jack the foundation back into place. Pressed piling foundation repair results are immediate and in some cases you can watch cracks close in front of your eyes.

Utilize pressed pilings and polyurethane foam jacking together for a total foundation repair solution.

What is a Pressed Piling?

A pressed piling is a series of 12”x6” pre-cast concrete cylinders capable of supporting massive amounts of weight. Multiple pilings are consecutively pressed into the ground to create a system of pilings that stabilizes and lifts your home, garage, or commercial building.

How Do Pressed Pilings Work?

Systems of pressed pilings are installed at various locations along the perimeter grade beam of your structure.  Optimal piling locations are determined by URETEK’s foundation repair specialist.  At each location, crew members dig a small space to expose the exterior grade beam and to create a work area. Next, using your grade beam as point of contact and the weight of your structure as a counter-force, crew members press pilings into the soil with a hydraulic jack. Pilings are pressed, one on top of the other, until the entire piling reaches total resistance, and the house begins to lift. Then, a cap block is placed on the top piling and the hydraulic jack is replaced so actual lifting can begin. Lift from pressed piling foundation repair methods is monitored by practical means and laser levels to ensure accurate results. Metal shims are used to hold final elevation.

Minimized Disruption

It is of the utmost importance that the installation process be as non-intrusive as possible. Crew members work outside the structure, though a crew supervisor may need interior access to provide a quality check. Once work is completed, crews make every effort to return landscaping back to its original position and condition.

Settling Foundation?

URETEK’s Pressed Pilings are…

  • Cost-effective—Pressed pilings are one of the most affordable foundation repair solutions on the market.
  • Long-lasting—Each piling is made of concrete and pressure tested on-site. Concrete has a long life-span and is highly resistant to underground conditions.
  • Non-intrusive—No heavy machinery is needed and work is completed outside the home. Crew members take every precaution not to damage landscaping and return the site back to its original condition.
  • Immediate Results—Pressed pilings attain visible result and immediate feedback. This allows crews to achieve the best results.
  • Customized Solution—Since pressed pilings use your home as a counter-force, you receive specific results for each piling location.

Honest Pricing, Honest Work

Clear pricing and solutions that work FOR YOU! URETEK gives thoughtful solutions and pressed pilings foundation repairs. Unlike others, we're not going to propose needless work.

Top Notch Customer Service

From scheduling to servicing, we provide the best customer service possible. Customer service means showing up on time, providing honest assessments about what piling repairs are necessary and what can wait - treating your problems like they're ours.

Serving You Since 2000

URETEK has been proudly serving the Houston community for over two decades and counting. We've seen it all and we're here to solve your most challenging foundation repair problems.

Reliable Warranties, Serviced Quickly

We not only believe in the quality of our pressed piling repairs but also back it up with a strong warranty. Our longevity gives value to our warranties if a service problem arises.