Plumbing Repiping Services

Repiping your home or business ensures clean, potable water and protects your property from damage. URETEK ICR Gulf Coast is a plumbing repipe company based in Houston, Texas. We provide plumbing repiping services that update old plumbing or replace degraded pipes.

Common reasons to replace plumbing are poor or unsafe pipe material, an old system, and material deterioration. Poor-quality pipes can cause the following problems:

  • Leaks and property damage
  • Smelly or discolored water
  • Low water pressure
  • Frequent clogs
  • Mold growth

Of course, these are all issues you want to avoid in your home or business. These problems can lead to costly repairs and potential health hazards. That’s why it’s important to invest in plumbing repiping services if you’re experiencing any of these issues.

You should specifically look into repiping if your pipes are made of lead. Pipes can leach lead into the water supply and cause serious health problems, including heart attacks, kidney problems, hypertension, and severe brain damage.

Houston-based builders installed lead pipes into homes until 1986 when the federal government banned lead in pipes, solder, and flux. If your home was built before 1986, it could have lead pipes, and it’s important to get them replaced as soon as possible. Book us for plumbing repiping services to ensure a supply of safe water for drinking, cooking, and more.

Having older plumbing is another reason to call a plumbing repipe company. All materials have an estimated lifespan. For example, galvanized pipes have an average life expectancy of 40–50 years. Factors like initial pipe quality, frequency of use, and water quality affect your pipes’ working lifespan.

Pipe corrosion is one common symptom of aging pipes. You may have corroding lines if you notice these issues:

  • Discolored water that’s yellow, green, or brown
  • Discoloration on pipes under your sink
  • A running water meter when no one is using water
  • Wet carpeting or flooring, indicating a leak under the concrete slab

We can install new, durable, and corrosion-resistant pipes. For example, copper is a great choice for hot and cold water supply lines because it’s durable, nontoxic, antimicrobial, and corrosion-resistant.

Sometimes, lines get damaged prematurely and require repiping. Some pipes carry fresh water into the building for drinking, bathing, and cleaning. Cracks in these pipes cause water to leak, which you’ll have to pay for, and the gaps can allow contaminants into your drinking water.

Other pipes carry wastewater from the building. Damage to these pipes causes wastewater to leak, causing bad odors, attracting pests, and creating clogs and backups.

If you suspect you need to replace your pipes, call URETEK Gulf Coast. We’re a trusted plumbing repipe company that’s licensed, insured, and registered with the Texas State Board of Plumbing Examiners. Contact us to discuss our plumbing repiping services.

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