Bulkhead Repair & Washout Control

Water infiltration at a bulkhead or seawall can washout soil and create voids. URETEK can stop inflow, fill voids, and re-stabilize base soils with our expanding specialty polymer.

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URETEK ICR Gulf Coast has served residential and commercial waterfront property owners in Greater Houston and Southeast Texas since 2000. We provide an effective bulkhead washout repair solution that quickly stops water infiltration at bulkheads and seawalls, fills voids, and stabilizes disturbed soil without heavy machinery or excavation.

Let URETEK stop soil loss, washout, voids, and bulkhead sinkholes at the source with our patented expanding polymer and innovative injection process. Keep your waterfront property safe and preserve landscaping by enlisting URETEK for waterfront bulkhead repairs.

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How Does URETEK Handle Bulkhead and Seawall Repair?

Unaddressed soil loss—especially large amounts of washout—can damage a bulkhead, seawall, or any other types of water barrier. It is a common maintenance problem caused by water infiltration through joints, cracks, and repeated wave action. URETEK’s seawall and bulkhead repair in Texas works by sealing off the source of infiltration with our expanding polymer.

Understanding how to seal a bulkhead is easy with the URETEK Method. On the dry side of the bulkhead, technicians inject our patented polymer into the soil near the leak. Within seconds the two-part polymer starts expanding outward. It fills voids, soil fissures, and aggregates loose soil as it expands. Our polymer bonds the soil, improves its load-bearing capacity while being environmentally inert and not harmful to soil. As it expands it pushes against the bulkhead seeking new avenues in which to expand—like leaky joints and cracks.

Our bulkhead and seawall repair services can resolve your current problems and even prevent future deterioration. The polymer can locate the source of water infiltration because it is constantly looking for the path of least resistance—just like the water that is infiltrating. Bubbling water, small bits of floating polymer, or polymer pluming out of joints are positive signs that the source of infiltration has been sealed.

The polymer we use for bulkhead repair has unique characteristics that make it well-suited for sealing off water infiltration and stabilizing weakened soil. One of those characteristics is that it is hydrophobic—it can react, quickly expand, and cure in the presence of water with no problems. In fact, we also use it to seal leaking storm sewer assets like manholes and RCP joints. In addition, our bulkhead leak repair polymer achieves 90% strength within 15 minutes allowing for real-time results. These characteristics allow URETEK to offer such an effective solution for stopping water infiltration at bulkheads.

How Do Sinkholes Appear Behind Bulkheads?

Bulkhead barriers are designed to prevent erosion along shorelines and protect property located near the waterfront—whether it be lake, ocean, canal, or river. Washout, sinkholes, and erosion are signs of water infiltrations.

Water attacks a bulkhead through deteriorated joints, cracks, and repeated wave action like scouring. As water ebbs and flows it reaches into openings and pulls soil out into the larger body of water. The penetrating water creates subsurface voids that eventually collapse and bring soil down to the water level where it too can be washed out.

Choosing URETEK for your bulkhead repair needs ensures a swift and efficient resolution to potentially severe waterfront property issues. Our expert team leverages years of experience and advanced technology to offer unparalleled service with minimal disruption to your property and daily life. The expanding polymer we use in bulkhead repair seals leaking joints, stabilizes soil, and protects the property from erosion. We can stabilize seawalls and concrete, metal sheet piles, or wood bulkheads with this fast and effective method.

The base soil on the dry side of your bulkhead is needed to provide support against the body of water pushing against it. Cavernous subgrades and weak soil can undermine the integrity of a bulkhead and cause settlement at pedestrian walkways. Keep your waterfront property safe and preserve landscaping by addressing soil loss and washout early with URETEK’s waterfront bulkhead repair.

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