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Tree Root Barriers – How Do They Work?

For a long time, trees have been established as an integral part of landscaping for homes, office suites, and even industrial buildings. While planting trees can be advantageous (they provide shade, improve landscape aesthetics and are good for the ecological system),...

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How to Fill a Void under a Concrete Slab

A costly problem that residential and commercial property owners face is the development of voids beneath their building structures. These voids can weaken the integrity of foundation slabs and cause ugly and dangerous cracks and breaks in the walls and floors of the...

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House Leveling for Foundation Problems

It’s not uncommon for problems to occur in building foundations over time that cause them to sink deeper into the underlying soil structure. When this occurs, the building might appear to ‘tilt’ at an angle. This article provides information on how to level a...

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Foundation Repair Methods & Techniques

Whether you’re a homeowner, property manager, or prospective property buyer, you’ll want to keep an eye out for any signs of problems in the foundation of a property. Foundation problems and extreme settling can compromise the structural integrity of your building and...

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