Need continuing education credits for your P.E. license renewal?

URETEK offers FREE lunch and learn sessions to professional engineering groups, companies, or colleagues of 5 or more in the Houston, TX area. Those attending the hour-long session will be provided 1 hour of credit towards the renewal of your P.E. license and lunch.

Required by Texas Board of Professional Engineers Continuing Education Program, you need 15 professional development hours (P.D.H.) per year to renew your P.E. license. Self-study, college courses, and presentations count toward your P.D.H.. URETEK offers P.D.H. eligible presentations congruent with Texas Board of Professional Engineers as outlined on their C.E.P. frequently asked questions webpage.

 “Successful completion of continuing education courses, either offered by a professional or trade organization, university or college, or offered in-house by a corporation, other business entity, professional or technical societies, associations, agencies, or organizations, or other group.”

“Continuing Education Program (CEP).” Continuing Education Program (CEP). N.p., n.d. Web. 23 Sept. 2016.

We currently offer two education sessions that focus on the use of high-density polymer injection for foundation repair, soil stabilization, void filling, underground infrastructure repair, and underground infrastructure sealing:

Innovative Infrastructure Repair: Polymeric Grouting to Repair and Seal Underground Piping Systems, Void Filling, Soil Stabilization, Foundation Repair, Tunnel Sealing and Moisture Barrier

Abstract: Underground infrastructure leaking causes a myriad of issues. This session will explore the use of polymeric grouting to remediate inflow and infiltration in underground infrastructure elements as well as its ability to repair leaks, fill voids, and stabilize soil.

Innovative Concrete Lifting and Soil Stabilization: Concrete Lifting, Void Filling, Soil Stabilization, Foundation Repair and Moisture Barrier

Abstract: Traditional foundation repair methods and concrete lifting are destructive and obtrusive. This session will present polymer injection as a zero-excavation alternative that can be utilized in lieu of traditional methods or concrete replacement while still being a long-lasting solution to foundational problems.

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Do you provide the location for the education session?

We do not provide a location for the session. You will be required to provide a space for our presentation, whether it be your office or otherwise. We will provide lunch and technical equipment if necessary (i.e. projector, cables, laptop).

Do you only provide continuing education sessions in Houston?

No. We are happy to present to groups in Houston’s neighboring cities. If you’re located further than neighboring Houston, please contact us because we may travel on a case-by-case basis.

Do you host webinars?

Currently, we don’t host webinars. If you are a company that has multiple offices and has the ability to webcast our presentation simultaneously, you may do so.

I don’t need education credits; however my colleagues and I are interested in learning more. Will you present to us?

Of course. We are happy to present to non-engineers. If you’re looking to speak with us regarding a project, please fill out the contact form or call us.

How do I renew my P.E. license?

For an answer to this question we recommend you visit the Texas Board of Professional Engineers website.