Ceiling Cracks in Concrete Foundation

Cracking in your ceiling is the most common sign of foundation problems. Foundation cracking occurs when a home is falling out of plumb. Typically homes are built so that the angles from your ceiling and floor horizontal planes are square at 90 degrees to each wall, window, and door frame. When a home’s weight is no longer evenly distributed among its supporting structures, the house foundation falls out of plumb causing cracks ceilings and walls.

Hairline Ceiling Crack Causes

Ceiling Cracks in Concrete FoundationsCracking in ceiling drywall, plaster, sheetrock, brick, ceiling seams, paint, and door frames are usually a result of the foundation being out of plumb. Rigid brick walls will be the first place you’ll see foundation cracking. However, not all hairline cracks on sheetrock are signs of home foundation problems – they can also be a sign of contracting and expanding soil. It’s important to monitor cracks because some may appear and disappear with the seasons, but if a crack continues to lengthen and widen, then you should contact a professional.

Preventing High Cost Ceiling & Wall Crack Repair

The key to preventing serious damage and high repair costs is recognizing the warning signs of foundation problems and contacting a professional to reinforce your home’s foundation. If your are experiencing cracks in your foundation ceilings and walls, contact us today for a free repair estimate.

Repairing Ceiling Cracks in Foundations

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