Polyurethane Foam Jacking Foundation Repair

URETEK has the most experience with innovative polyurethane foundation repair foam. Use URETEK for non-invasive interior foundation repair.

URETEK utilizes innovative polyurethane injection processes for Houston foundation repair, foundation soil stabilization and void fill. Polyurethane foam foundation repair is a faster, non-invasive alternative to interior pilings. URETEK pioneered and perfected the polyurethane injection process in 1979. Our injection process is called The URETEK Method® and it’s used to lift and stabilize interior foundations. The polyurethane foundation repair foam we use is patented and unlike any other foam on the market. It’s structural-grade, long-lasting, hydro-insensitive and environmentally inert for polyurethane foam injection concrete lifting applications.

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How Polyurethane Injection Foundation Repair Works.

Cracking tiles, cracking walls and sticking doors around the central portion of your home are typical signs of foundation problems. Settlement and erosion are the most common reasons for interior foundations issues. Polyurethane injections are a great, long-lasting way to lift and stabilize your foundation without installing interior pilings.

Once the subsiding or weak area has been identified and a polyurethane foundation repair foam injection solution has been created by your URETEK Representative, a small crew of highly-skilled URETEK technicians prep the affected area by drilling penny-sized holes through foundation. Each hole is an injection site for polyurethane. After the site is prepped, highly-skilled technicians inject polyurethane foam directly underneath your foundation, the foam concrete raising process begins and it starts expanding within seconds.

Expansion happens via a chemical reaction due to our two-part formula. No toxic or harmful odors or gasses are produced in the chemical reaction. As the polyurethane expands it stabilizes the soil base by filling nearby voids, soil fissures and gently compacting loose soil. After the soil has reached point of refusal, the polyurethane foam begins to gently lift the subsided foundations. URETEK technicians closely monitor elevations to ensure appropriate lift during the polyurethane injection foundation repair process.

5 Benefits of Polyurethane Foam Injection Concrete Lifting

Sinking or uneven foundations are common in the Houston area, but luckily, polyurethane foam foundation repair can fix these problems. Polyurethane foam will stabilize your home’s foundation, but that’s not the only benefit you get when you choose this process. Check out these five additional advantages:

  1. Fast and precise. Polyurethane foam is 80% faster than other foundation repair methods. As a result, you won’t have to wait days or weeks for the material to dry; instead, it only takes a few hours. The injection method also ensures the foam is injected precisely where foundational support is necessary.
  2. Increased Strength. Polyurethane is a dense foam. It provides the stability you need to support the building’s weight. In addition, its elongation and tensile strength properties allow it to support your home.
  3. Versatility. The earth is constantly moving, and this will affect your home’s foundation. Polyurethane compensates for this by expanding to fill voids during injection and provide support once it has cured into a dense material.
  4. Resistant to moisture. It’s typical for homes in Houston to have problems with moisture. Humidity levels are high and groundwater seeping into home foundations is a common problem. Polyurethane foam is resistant to moisture and creates a seal that protects the foundation from additional issues.
  5. Structural Integrity. Homes in Houston are vulnerable to tropical weather disturbances. Polyurethane foam won’t guarantee your home isn’t affected, but it will help keep your home level. The water-resistant expanding foam can be used to fill voids under your slab caused by washout due to heavy rain or flooding.


URETEK’s quick-setting polyurethane foam promises long-term durability and protection by bolstering structural stability, filling voids, and aggregating loose soils. URETEK’s expanding foam improves the concrete’s soil base to reduce the risk of future settlement and erosion. Foam jacking foundation repair fills voids and fissures and gently compacts loose soil, making the ground more uniform and capable of supporting the weight of the structure above.

Delaying foundation repair can lead to severe structural damage to your home, extensive cracks, and uneven floors. Foam jacking foundation repair stands out as a premier option for fast, accurate, and adaptable stabilization.

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 Polyurethane Foam Injection Vs. Interior Piling Installation

  • Drill 5/8″ holes to inject polyurethane foam Vs. 2.5′ x 2.5′ break-outs inside your home to install pilings
  • 5/8″ Hole is grouted or wood puttied Vs. 2.5′ x 2.5′ break-out has to be patched + flooring has to be replaced
  • Minimal dust generated by drilling hole Vs. Dust & dirt generated by breakouts and digging
  • Typically takes 1 day to complete Vs. Takes 2-3 days to complete job + time to restore flooring

If your foundation doesn’t require lift, we can cease polyurethane foam injection before a significant lift to complete a zero-excavation void fill or soil stabilization solution. Polyurethane foundation repair is a versatile process and can be throughout the home, even for general concrete lifting at driveways, patios, pools and pool decks.

 Why choose URETEK for Polyurethane Foam Injections

  • We have the most professional experience with Polyurethane Injections & foam concrete raising
  • Our technicians are highly-skilled and experienced
  • We’re fast. Most jobs only take one day.
  • Our process is quiet. All machinery is self contained in an enclosed trailer
  • We’re cost-effective and are competitively priced vs. interior pilings, mudjacking & rip-and-replace
  • Our polyurethane foam is environmentally inert and doesn’t produce harmful or toxic odors and gasses.

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