Concrete Slab Lifting Services

Concrete sinks for a variety of reasons. URETEK can lift and stabilize concrete panels to support heavy traffic or remove tripping hazards.

Looking for a Concrete Lifting Company in Houston, TX?

URETEK ICR Gulf Coast is an award-winning concrete lifting company in Houston, Texas. We have been providing concrete slab lifting services for homeowners, property managers, and facility managers since 2000. We serve Greater Houston and surrounding communities as the leaders in concrete lifting and stabilization.

Did you know URETEK pioneered the use of expanding polymer for concrete lifting? It’s true, and we are the most experienced company in Houston to perform concrete slab lifting with expanding polymer. URETEK ICR Gulf Coast has successfully lifted and stabilized driveway panels, parking lots, pool decks, statues, and everything in between.

When Do You Need Concrete Lifting Services?

Lifting sunken concrete can be more cost-effective than replacing it in many situations. URETEK’s concrete lifting process can lift concrete quickly and with minimal downtime. Driveways, parking lots, and drive lanes can be back in use by the time URETEK service technicians leave the work site.

We use a process called the URETEK Method to lift sunken concrete and remove trip hazards at residential and commercial properties. To lift the concrete, our technicians inject structural-grade expanding polymer underneath sunken concrete. As the polymer expands underneath the concrete it simultaneously lifts the concrete and fills void space. The lightweight and hydrophobic foam is key to the long-lasting results of our concrete slab lifting service, as the polyurethane foam will not degrade or cause the soil beneath to settle.

Our technicians monitor the concrete’s movement with pressure dials, altimeters, and, when necessary, laser levels. Polymer expands slowly and predictably underneath concrete so it’s easy for our skilled technicians to control the lift and achieve the best possible results.

We can even lift concrete to guide ponding water towards drains. Concrete slab lifting improves the safety and durability of outdoor patios, walkways, and commercial parking lots where water can accumulate. Lifting the concrete and ensuring proper drainage prevents the growth of mold and algae, which can make surfaces slippery and dangerous. Additionally, directing water away from these surfaces preserves the integrity of the concrete, making it last longer and look better.

Whether you’re in need of concrete lifting services for your home or business, URETEK has you covered.

What are the benefits of lifting concrete with expanding polymer?

Nearly No Downtime

URETEK’s patented polymer lifts and hardens within minutes so your concrete can be back in service as soon as we’re gone.

Lightweight Material

Our long-lasting polymer weighs 4lbs/cuft. It’s significantly lighter than mudjacking material, yet powerful enough to lift and support the heaviest concrete slab.

Soil Aggregation

Our polymer fills under slab voids and soil fissures when it expands. More than just lifting, it aggregates loose soils and can increase the soil’s load-bearing ability.


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