7 Signs You Have a Foundation Issue

May 21, 2019 | Foundation Repair, Residential

The foundation is the most important part of any home. If your foundation is failing or sinking, you need to act right away so you can save money by fixing the problem early. Home foundation repair and commercial foundation repair can be costly if you ignore the signs. The best way to ensure that you don’t have surprise foundation problems is to regularly scan your foundation for warning signs. Some of these foundation issue signs are much more noticeable when your home is built using ridged material like bricks or tile.

7 Common Signs of Foundation Problems for Houston Homes & Commercial Buildings

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1. Cracking, Dipping, or Sloping Floor

The first thing to do when searching for signs of a foundation issue is to look at your floor. A tiled floor with zigzagging cracks in grout line is the most obvious sign of foundation problems. Sometimes entire tiles will pop-up or break because of drastic elevation changes. Carpeted and wood floors are a little more difficult to inspect because they’re flexible materials. If you have carpet or wood floor, walk around your home and think about how it feels.   Are you noticing dip? Does it feel like you’re walking down hill? If so, that’s a sign of foundation issues.

Cracking in your concrete slab or tile is another sign of foundation problems. This will occur when soil has eroded or underground voids have collapsed causing the concrete slab to support the weight of your home without the full help of the earth underneath. In colder climates cracking could occur because of the expansion and contraction of the concrete.

2. Exterior Brick or Siding Is Pulling Away

For brick homes in particular you can see actual separation. Brick window seal pulling way or the chimney is leaning away from the home is a sign of a foundation problem. Similarly, but not as noticeable, this happens with siding homes too.

3. Your Ceilings Are Cracking and/or Tearing

When your foundation starts sinking, it never sinks evenly. This is what creates most of the warning signs. If it had sunk evenly there wouldn’t be a problem, but it doesn’t. Cracking ceilings are another sign of foundation issues. Ceilings with more corners have a greater potential for cracking.

4. Cracking Walls

Cracking walls are a sure sign of foundation issues. Similar to ceiling cracks, wall cracks happen because of uneven sinking. Wide cracks and long cracks are typical signs. Sometimes a small hairline crack is weather related and should be monitored. If they lengthen or widen over time, then that’s a sign of foundation problems.

5. Your Windows and Doors Don’t Fit Properly

If your windows and doors don’t open and close nice and snugly, this is another common sign of a foundation problem. This happens because the door and window frames are out of plumb. Also, if your doors and windows don’t close properly it will lead to higher heating bills in the winter as well.

6. Your Molding or Baseboards Are Cracked or Twisting

Check the corners of the rooms in your house for cracked or separated molding. The molding could be twisting or there could be a gap between baseboard and floor.

7. You Can See Wall Twisting

If interior walls are twisting, you will notice this in separated molding, and large cracks in the sides of your wall. This can be a sign of foundation problems and that the interior of your home is sinking.


Having a compromised foundation is a problem that needs to be addressed immediately. If you believe your foundation is compromised, contact URETEK today for a free estimate on our Houston foundation repair.

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