Pool Foundation Repair

Pools sink and become unlevel just like foundations. URETEK has nearly two decades experience lifting, supporting, and stabilizing pools. You can count on us for quality pool foundation repair services.

URETEK ICR Gulf Coast has worked with homeowners and pool builders throughout Greater Houston and neighboring communities to lift, level, and stabilize pools. Pools can shift and settle just like any other structure and, guess what, they can be lifted and leveled too.

If you need pool foundation repair due to shifting or sinking material, go with the experienced pool deck lifting company that has been using expanding polymer since 2000 to lift and stabilize pools. Are you not sure if your pool needs repairs or not? Look out for these telltale signs of a pool that needs stabilizing:

Signs you need a pool deck repair service:

Cracking Pool

Cracks on your pool walls are a common sign of a sinking pool. A pool may shift or sink for a variety of reasons and when it does the weight becomes unevenly distributed. Uneven weight distribution can cause gunite pools to crack at walls and corners because of unplanned change in weight distribution. By injecting our long-lasting expanding polymer underneath your pool, we can support, stabilize, and prevent future cracking.


Uneven Waterline

An unmistakable sign of an unlevel or sinking pool is when the water line isn’t parallel with the coping or tile. In some cases skimmers may be not be receiving water due to settlement which can lead to more serious plumbing problems. Settlement doesn’t always cause cracking in the plaster, but the waterline will always show elevation changes. URETEK can lift and level your pool to correct settlement and adjust the waterline to ensure that skimmers are receiving water.

Plumbing Leaks and Water Loss

As a pool settles, plumbing can crack and snap under the weight of its movement. In addition, water loss can occur from cracked and broken plumbing lines. Leaks can washout and weaken your pool’s prepared soil and allow for further settlement. An intricate web of plumbing is tied into your pool, so it’s important to monitor changes to your water. Using patented polymer, URETEK can fill under pool voids, stabilize, and reinforce your pool’s foundation after a skilled plumber has repaired leaks.

We provide pool foundation repair services for:




Health Facilities






Recreation Centers



Homeowner financing available!

No interest and traditional installment plans are available to homeowners through a trusted third-party lender. If financing isn't for you, we do accept credit card and other traditional payment methods.

Trust our successful and innovative concrete pool deck lifting service for sinking pools.

URETEK is a trusted provider of pool deck repair services in Houston. As longtime members of Houston’s Association of Pool and Spa Professionals, we are trusted and used by pool professionals because of our experience and the low-impact method we use to repair sinking pools. Getting an estimate is easy—you don’t need to drain your pool, just call.

The pool foundation repair process we use is called URETEK Method. Our technicians inject patented polymer underneath the pool where it expands to lift the weight of your pool. The polymer is long-lasting and can increase the load-bearing ability of weak soil and fill voids caused by leaking plumbing.

Our pool deck repair service causes minimal disruption and does not require digging or heavy machinery. Our pump system is contained inside an enclosed trailer and can remain on a street curb or driveway more than 200ft away. In order to inject our polymer at the affected area our technicians have to drill penny-sized holes through the pool. These holes are grouted upon completion and can be easily re-plastered by a pool cosmetic professional.

URETEK Method can also be used with Houston concrete pool deck lifting.

If you have a sinking pool, you need pool foundation repair—and URETEK provides the best of the best with our advanced methods and hardworking team.

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