Foundation damage can include sagging floors, cracked walls, sticking doors, or concrete slab foundation cracks. Foundation repair options should be exercised as quickly as possible because structural deterioration could render a building susceptible to even more damage.

Here’s what you can expect before and after foundation repair.

Foundation Repair Before and After

If you are considering undergoing a Houston foundation repair, you may be wondering if you need to prepare the space in any way and what to expect. At URETEK Gulf Coast, we often perform two foundation repair methods:

  1. The URETEK Method
  2. The Pressed Pilings method

Before Foundation Repair

As long as the work area isn’t heavily obstructed with non-ordinary furniture or equipment, it generally isn’t necessary for you to clear the work area before our arrival. On the day work is to be completed, it is important to have someone who is authorized to make decisions on-site or available by phone.

For URETEK Foam Foundation Repair

To perform the URETEK Method we have to drill a small 5/8” hole through the foundation. The number of holes we drill cannot be determined ahead of time and are dependent on how the slab reacts to our injections.

If you have tile flooring, we will drill through the grout line when possible but tile chipping is a risk. If the grout line is too narrow we will need to drill through the center of the tile. We will re-grout the holes after work is completed.

If you have wood flooring, we drill a ¾” hole through the slat, then a 5/8” hole through the slab. After, we grout the hole with wood filler.

If you have carpet, we pull back the carpet when possible or cut a 2” V slit, fold the carpet back, and drill through the slab. After work is completed, we will grout the hole and place the carpet back on the tack strip or glue down the slit.

Drilling injection sites can be noisy, so we try to drill holes as quickly and efficiently as possible to avoid disturbing you and your neighbors. Generally, the disruption can last upwards of 30 minutes, depending on scope-of-work.

Passage for the hose we lay out from our trailer to the work area may be required through an open door or window.

For Pressed Pilings Foundation Repair

With pressed pilings foundation repair, we dig 3’x3’x3’ along the exterior grade beam in designated locations. If breakouts are needed, we patch the broken concrete after lifting and stabilization is completed.

post-foundation repair pictures

Post-Foundation Repair

After foundation repair is completed, you may notice some changes or shifts to your house. Here are some possible issues to look out for and what’s considered normal.

General Clean-up

We will vacuum any dust or debris as we drill or immediately after drilling is completed. With the URETEK polyurethane foam injection method, no significant clean-up is needed.

With pressed pilings foundation repair, we will repack the dirt and water the soil to mitigate soil settlement and attempt to return your landscape back to its original condition within reason.

Repairing Drywall After Foundation Repair

As the walls and joists at your newly-repaired foundation adjust, you may notice new cracks. Cracks may have happened during the foundation lift. You may want to patch your drywall or caulk cracks.

Brick Repair After Foundation Repair

Like drywall cracks, brick wall cracks may close on their own after a short period of time. Depending on the age of your brick wall, the mortar holding your bricks together may have deteriorated or suffered water damage. If this is the case, you may need to remove and replace weakened or cracked mortar.

How Long to Wait After Foundation Repair?

It’s best to wait around 4-6 weeks after your foundation repair before you take any measures to repair cracks so you can give your home time to settle into its new position. In the meantime, take note of any changes or possible issues and keep a close eye on them.

How Long Does a Foundation Repair Last?

Finding a quality company to undertake your foundation repair is key to having a long-lasting foundation repair. Equally important is additional maintenance on the customer’s end. After a foundation repair, make sure you properly manage any vegetation or drainage around your home to prevent future issues.

Contact URETEK Gulf Coast for Your Houston Foundation Repair

Foundation repairs are best dealt with as soon as possible. It’s risky to wait for foundation issues to become an even bigger problem. Fixing it early means less money spent down the line as it gets worse! Life after foundation repair means less to worry about.

Contact URETEK Gulf Coast today for assistance with your commercial or home foundation repair in Houston.