Erosion Control in Houston, TX.

Unmitigated leakage and water flow can erode and destabilize structural and infrastructural soil by creating washout. Unaddressed washout can, then, create sinkholes, pavement failure and foundational issues for nearby structures.

Soil Erosion Control Services

URETEK ICR Gulf Coast offers effective erosion control in Houston, TX, and the surrounding areas with their specialized hydro-insensitive structural-grade polyurethane and innovative injection processes. By applying URETEK’s processes to leaking joints and cracks, our team can stop washout by sealing joints and cracks with zero-excavation.

soil erosion control Houston

Stop soil erosion in Houston by sealing bulkheads with URETEK

For example: Leaking or cracked bulkheads see washout as ebbing and flowing water reaches into loose joints or cracks pulling soil out to sea. The penetrating water erodes soil and creates subsurface voids that collapse. This pulls new soil down to water level allowing for more erosion and making bulkhead repair in Houston essential. Through a simple examination of surrounding soil and the bulkhead, URETEK can identify leaking joints and cracks. Trained technicians, then, utilize URETEK’s innovative processes by injecting our expanding hydro-insensitive geopolymer. As the geopolymer expands it will seek out and fill cracks or loose fitting joints—sealing the bulkhead from further erosion caused by water infiltration.

The star player in this process is URETEK’s geopolymer – the same patented product used in our Houston foundation repair services. Its hydro-insensitivity allows for it to expand in the presence of water and displace it without losing density or absorbing it. In addition, the geopolymer achieves 90% strength within 15 minutes allowing for real-time results. These characteristics allow URETEK to offer such an effective erosion control solution. And, with URETEK you don’t have to worry about water contamination because their geopolymer is eco-friendly and environmentally inert. Actually, URETEK’s geopolymer is NSF/ANSI 61 certified—meaning it doesn’t contain contaminants that could leach into the water.

NSF/ ANSI 61 Certified

URETEK’s processes and geopolymer are versatile and can be used to seal box culverts, fortify berms and seawalls. We can provide a variety of unique and specialized solutions to prevent erosion and washout. Allow URETEK ICR Gulf Coast to provide a tailored erosion control solution for your problem.