The URETEK Method®


The URETEK Method® is an adaptable polymer injection process that can be utilized in multiple structural and infrastructure applications. We specialize in using the URETEK Method® for Residential and Commercial Foundation Repair, Concrete Slab LiftingSoil Stabilization, and Void Filling functions as well as Manhole Rehabilitation, Box Culvert Sealing and Inflow & Infiltration Repair.

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The URETEK Method® does NOT require tunneling, digging or excavation of any kind to lift and stabilize concrete foundations, driveways, parking lots and sidewalks. Seal leaking infrastructure assets without disturbing the soil. The URETEK Method® will NOT turn your commercial property or home into a construction zone.

Minimal Downtime

Interior pilings take days to install, replacing concrete takes weeks and both are a pain to endure. The URETEK Method® utilizes fast curing polymer that reaches 90% strength in just 15 minutes. That means that business can resume normally by the time our highly-skilled technicians have left the service area.

Cost Effective

Tunneling to install interior pilings is too expensive, jack hammering the slab is a mess and it destroys your flooring. The URETEK Method® is a cost-effective alternative to expensive tunneling and destroying your slab to install interior pilings.

Clean Solution for Foundation Repair & Infrastructure Repair

Synonymous with “foam jacking,” the URETEK Method® was first introduced to the U.S. in 1987 and, since, has become the premier alternative to interior pilings and other excavation-heavy methods for Houston, TX foundation repair, soil stabilization, foam injection void filling and concrete slab lifting. An ever-evolving process, The URETEK Method® is also used to rehabilitate and seal leaking infrastructure assets like manholes, lift stations, and box culverts.


Uretek is a clean solution for all type of commercial foundation repair
Uretek is perfect solution of seal leaking in manholes
Concrete slab lifting by Urtek method
Uretek method for infrastructure concrete lifting

How It Works

Foundation and concrete settlement can often be attributed to a weakened or poor soil structure. Natural erosion, poor weather conditions, and plumbing leaks greatly reduce the load bearing capacity of your soil and create under-slab voids. A heavy structure with weak soil and an inconsistent foundation will settle. The URETEK Method® strengthens weak soil structures by introducing URETEK’s expanding polymer to the surface stratum. During the injection process, our structural-grade polymer compresses loose soil while simultaneously filling voids and soil fissure. Once the soil has reached its point of refusal the polymer will gently lift the settled structure back into place. Expansion is monitored via pressure dials, laser levels and computer levels.

The URETEK Method® is a non-invasive foundation repair alternative for Office Buildings, Warehouses, Homes, and Concrete Panels.

The URETEK Method

Applying The URETEK Method®

The URETEK Method® isn’t applicable to all settlement scenarios, so it’ important that you contact us to have a URETEK Project Manager provide a free evaluation of your foundation or infrastructure problems. Our Project Managers have decades of combined foundation and infrastructure repair experience. We offer a variety of foundation repair solutions, so if the URETEK Method® isn’t right for your situation we may still be able to help.

URETEK Project Manager provides accurate evaluation for free

To receive an accurate evaluation, one of our Project Managers will visit the affected property to assess the foundation problem. Using a computer level, we will check the elevation throughout the affected area as well as complete a visual inspection. After analyzing the findings our Project Manager will present a repair solution.

Technicians inject expanding polymer in the affected site through small-diameter injection drills

A small crew of highly-trained URETEK technicians implement the URETEK Method®. All URETEK technicians are full-time employees, subject to regular safety training as well as site-specific safety training. Technicians drill 5/8″ diameter injection sites, so that the expanding polymer can be injected directly to the affected site. We take great care not to unnecessarily damage flooring, so if it’s possible we’ll pull back carpet or drill in the grout line if it’s wide enough. Technicians grout the holes once work is completed.

Technicians inject fast curing polymer in one day, and the polymer reaches 90% strength in 15 minutes

URETEK’s patented fast-curing polymer reaches 90% strength in 15 minutes. Typical applications take 1 day to complete. Since The URETEK Method® doesn’t’ require loud machinery or excavation businesses can continue with minimal disruption. Once technicians have completed work, the affected is open to normal traffic and business flow.

A Polymer Unlike Any Other

The URETEK Method® would be nothing if not for our polymer. Our polymer is a patented, structural-grade material used only by ourselves and other URETEK affiliates. It is unlike any polymer or polyurethane foam on the market and has been extensively tested by independent laboratories for all EPA Standard Environmental test requirements.  It is environmentally benign and has excellent chemical and solvent resistance.

Because URETEK polymer is hydroinsensitive and closed-cell, it can be used to seal manholes, lift stations and box culverts as well as providing soil reinforcement in a highly saturated stratum.

What Our Customers Are Saying

Don’t just take it from us, let our customers do the talking!

“URETEK was quick, clean, effective and economical. Their process prevented the destruction of the inside of our home that was required by more traditional methods.

Robert Griggs


“The three-man crew were professional and tried to cause as little disruption in the office as possible. “

Kay Morgan

Inteplast Group

“I’ve been impressed with the professionalism from directly working with [URETEK ICR Gulf Coast] along with the field crews and how they operate. Working with people who know their job and who you can trust makes a huge difference. Continue the great work.

Regan Smith

City of Arlington