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Polyurethane Foundation Repair in Houston

URETEK ICR Gulf Coast is the Houston-based innovative leader in providing fast, non-invasive and long-lasting polyurethane foundation repair, commercial concrete lifting, infrastructure repair and soil stabilization solutions. We have been providing residential and commercial foundation repair and infrastructure services to the Greater Houston area, Beaumont, Victoria, and Lufkin since 2000.

Commercial Soil Stabilization Professionals

Pioneered by URETEK, the process of polyurethane foundation repair using injections to achieve lift and stabilization became known as The URETEK Method®. Patented in the United States in 1979, The URETEK Method® would soon become the premier alternative to traditional foundation repair. In 1988, Uretek USA, headquartered in Houston, TX, was granted exclusive rights to the sale of products and services within the United States and Mexico. In 2000, URETEK ICR Gulf Coast became the first URETEK affiliate. Designated to service the Greater Houston area, URETEK ICR Gulf Coast now operates in 38 counties throughout the Gulf Coast region. Constantly innovating and setting milestones, URETEK has been servicing the U.S. market for more than 20 years and has an affiliate in every state.

Polyurethane Injection Repairs

We have many successfully-completed polyurethane injection foundation repair projects, including Coca-Cola, Rice University, Centerpoint Energy, Marriott Hotels, Dow Chemical, multiple municipalities, counties, and government agencies. URETEK ICR Gulf Coast puts customers in control of their structural and geotechnical challenges with knowledgeable representatives and experienced operations crews that provide maximum value on each and every job.

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