Polyurethane Foam Void Filling

Fill subsurface voids at depth with zero-excavation. URETEK’s polyurethane foam void-filling services provide a fast and affordable solution for addressing subsurface voids without the need for disruptive construction work.


Void Filling with Polyurethane in Houston, TX

Typically created by leaking utilities, washout, and poor compaction, voids under concrete slabs are potentially hazardous because they affect the soil’s structural integrity. Unaddressed voids can create sinkholes, cause concrete failure or serious foundational problems.

URETEK ICR Gulf Coast offers practical and environmentally friendly void fill solutions for visible and subsurface voids in the Greater Houston area.  With our versatile injection processes, URETEK can mitigate concerning voids by filling them with our patented expanding geopolymer.

URETEK contractors will inject our expanding polyurethane directly where needed under the concrete slab. Polyurethane foam void filling lifts and stabilizes concrete foundations and doesn’t require tunneling, digging, or excavation.

Our foam material and injection method is a minimally invasive and extremely efficient service. Our foundation void-filling services require minimal downtime because the fast-curing foam reaches 90 percent of its strength in 15 minutes.

We complete most of our polyurethane foam void-filling jobs within less than a day. We come in, clean the area, inject the foam, and then clean up—no mess, no fuss. Contact URETEK for efficient, cost-effective, and high-quality foundation void filling.

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Void Filling Foam for Concrete Grouting

By utilizing soil reports and the customer’s property knowledge, URETEK provides an accurate void fill solution tailored to your specific needs. The key to URETEK’s void fill process is our patented geopolymer and unique polyurethane injection methods. URETEK’s expanding geopolymer is hydro-insensitive, high density and our injection processes allow for void fill directly below a concrete slab or up to 20 feet below grade. Not to mention, URETEK’s polyurethane is environmentally inert. This means it won’t leach harmful chemicals into the surrounding soil or water sources. Our foam foundation repair material is also NSF/ANSI 61 certified, and safe to use in potable water.

NSF/ ANSI 61 Certified


Polyurethane Injection Void Repair

URETEK’s patented geopolymer and injection processes allow versatility in void filling in a variety of unique situations. Allow URETEK ICR Gulf Coast to provide a tailored foundation void-filling solution for you today. We can do the job with zero-excavation and complete it in less than a day.

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