If you own a home or are buying a home, finding signs of foundation issues may make you concerned. You likely have many questions about foundation repairs, such as “what are the associated costs” and “when’s the best time of year to do foundation repair?”

As a property owner, knowing when to take action is crucial. Of course, there is never a convenient time for structural repairs, but is one season better than another for foundation repair in Houston? What effect does the time of year have on your foundation problems anyway?

Why Does the Time of Year Matter for Foundation Repair in Southeast Texas?

According to the city of Houston building codes, you can repair your foundation anytime. However, different seasons have different effects on soil moisture and humidity. Environmental extremes like dry weather and heavy rainfall have a more noticeable impact on the soil conditions beneath your home or property.

Dry soil contracts and often causes cracking and settlement. In addition, heavy rains or plumbing leaks can cause soil erosion under your house’s foundation. These conditions may cause immediate damage or compound over the years until they reach a critical point triggering the need for repairs.

Regardless of the time of year, you can contact URETEK Gulf Coast for a free estimate on foundation repair.

Best Time of Year for Foundation Repair in Houston

Keeping in mind that environmental extremes in Southeast Texas can have damaging effects on your foundation, consider the following seasons for repairs.

Winter Foundation Repair

Because of its latitude, Greater Houston and neighboring cities rarely experience significant snowfall. As a result, winter conditions are mild, and soil moisture levels are generally steady – meaning the soil under your foundation is relatively stable. For these reasons, some consider winter the best time of year for foundation repair.

best time of year to repair foundation

Source: U.S. Climate Data

On the flip side, many people schedule holiday plans and travel during winter. This can make repair-planning difficult. These property owners could say the colder months are the best time of year to repair foundations. In addition, the exceptionally stable soil conditions during the winter months may also understate the extent of a damaged foundation. This can cause some homeowners and property managers to lose their sense of urgency and could lead to further damage down the road.

Spring Foundation Repair

Spring brings increased levels of foundation soil moisture and can help highlight structural issues. For example, expanding clay can create new cracks, and existing gaps can exhibit signs of moisture.

With increased temperatures and more outdoor activity, it’s easier to notice foundation problems that may have gone undetected during the colder months. Not to mention, people are more likely to take on outdoor home improvements when the weather is nice.

The Best Time is Now

As the adage goes – The time is now! The best time of year to do foundation repair is when you first notice a problem.

We understand that timing and planning are valuable to most people. However, waiting to repair your foundation could lead to further damage and even structural issues that require more than the standard foundation remediation. Not to mention, the more cracks in your walls and ceilings that manifest as the problem intensifies, the more cosmetic repairs you will have to manage.

If you’re stalling for budgetary reasons, feel free to use our foundation repair cost calculator and get more details about our foundation repair financing options today!

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