The foundation repair process can seem overwhelming. You may have known that your foundation needed attention for a while, but a new crack in the wall just launched it to the top of your list of priorities.

You’re probably anxious, and surely you have questions – and the foundation repair contractors at URETEK Gulf Coast have answers.

10 Foundation Repair Questions to Ask

After 20 years of serving customers with our award-winning foundation repair in Houston, we’ve identified some frequently asked questions that might help put your mind at ease.

The following 10 questions to ask about foundation repair will help improve your understanding of the foundation repair options at your disposal.

1. How Long Does Foundation Repair Take?

Congratulations on catching the signs of foundation problems early enough to make the necessary repairs. In fact, most homeowners have several repair options to choose from. But, how long does it take to fix a foundation in different scenarios?

When you opt for URETEK foam foundation repair, your repair time will take about one day (on average). Alternatively, concrete piling foundation repair takes an average of two and a half days.

The length of your unique foundation repair can vary due to several factors. The sooner you can get an assessment from our experts, the better chance we have of getting the job done quickly.

2. What Does Your Foundation Repair Warranty Servicing Process Look Like?

The URETEK ICR Gulf Coast team is very good about servicing our warranties. Many other companies take months to even do a warranty check. You can learn more about our foundation repair warranty on our site.

foundation repair questions

3. When Can I Complete Cosmetic Repairs?

After your home foundation repair in Houston, you may hear creaking from the structure settling into its new elevation. You may notice new cracks in some areas and some existing cracks that have closed.

It’s important to remember that we’re there to make structural repairs. We want to stabilize the foundation and bring the foundation to a flatter plane to avoid further structural issues. We are not there to make foundation crack repairs.

We recommend that you wait 45 days after your repair before making cosmetic repairs.

4. How Should I Prepare My Home?

Generally, you don’t need to make any preparations for our foundation repair team. Our employees can move furniture within reason. However, if the furniture includes a lot of breakables, we may ask that you secure those first.

5. How Much Does Foundation Repair Cost?

Residential polyurethane foam foundation repairs typically average around $5,000. Our residential concrete pile foundation repairs cost around $8,000.

For our commercial foundation repair solutions, URETEK foam foundation repairs are typically in the ball-park of $16,000. Our average foundation repair cost for pressed piles is also around $16,000.

Your foundation repair is unique, so contact us today for a free estimate! We also have a foundation repair calculator tool that homeowners can use to get a rough estimate.

6. Is a Structural Engineer’s Report Needed for Foundation Repairs?

No, but your city may require that the foundation repair company submit a repair plan with an engineer-stamped drawing before issuing a work permit. This is something that a responsible foundation repair company will take care of before doing work.

From the property owner’s perspective, an engineer’s report is good because it provides an unbiased evaluation and, possibly, a ready-to-use repair plan that you can share with your contractor. However, an engineer’s report does cost money and will add to the overall cost.

From our team’s perspective, an engineer’s report is helpful because it provides a good drawing and elevation survey of the property, but not always necessary. The URETEK ICR Gulf Coast team will generally know when to recommend a structural engineer’s report, or when it’s safe to carry out the repairs without the added cost.

See what the City of Houston Building Code says about foundation repairs.

7. Are You Insured and Bonded for Foundation Repairs?

URETEK ICR Gulf Coast is insured with general liability of $1M, and umbrella coverage at $5M. We can get bonded when your project requires it. Generally public projects will require bonding from our team, so feel free to mention your situation early in the process so we can expedite your results.

8. Do You Carry Texas Workers’ Comp Insurance?

URETEK ICR Gulf Coast carries $1M in Texas Workers’ Compensation Insurance coverage. Doing things right, and not cutting corners is what has allowed us to win seven consecutive Winner of Distinction Awards from the BBB of Greater Houston and South Texas.

9. Is Your Crew Mostly Employees vs. Subcontractors?

Our foundation repair and plumbing repair crews are employees. The company pays for their health insurance, paid time off, and sick time.

10. Do You Do Soil Tests Before Your Foundation Repairs?

We do not do soil tests before work. If we come to a home or building that has a history of shifting and repeated foundation repairs, then we may refer you to an engineer. Generally, an engineer will recommend that a soil test be completed if your structure is acting strange. Since we’re not engineers and don’t use engineers unless necessary (see #6 above), we don’t do soil tests.

Leave Your Houston Foundation Repair to the Experts at URETEK Gulf Coast!

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