Sunken Concrete Panels at Houston Kwik Kar Lube & Tire

Commercial Concrete Lifting in Houston, Texas

Uretek has made a name in the Houston Area for providing quick, affordable and proven concrete lifting for commercial and residential properties throughout the Houston area.

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Concrete panels at a Houston Kwik Kar Lube & Tire subsided nearly 6”. Vehicles drive over the panels when entering and exiting the service bays. Kwik Kar poured ramps to bridge the gap; however, the panels continued to sink. Kwik Kar contacted URETEK ICR Gulf Coast to provide a long-lasting solution.

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How does URETEK lift concrete?

It took a maximum lift of nearly 6” to get the panels flush with the service bay. We used our innovative URETEK Method to get excellent results in 4 hours with minimal disruption.

URETEK Method is a concrete lifting process that uses expanding polymer to stabilize soil and lift concrete. It’s the easiest way to extend the life of your concrete and is faster and less intrusive than concrete replacement.

Trained technicians started by drilling 5/8” injection holes through the concrete. The total number of injection holes is determined by how the concrete reacts during the lift.

Next, our expanding polymer is injected beneath the concrete. The polymer first expands to fill voids created by erosion and then stabilizes the soil. Once the soil is at refusal, and because we continue to inject, the expanding polymer lifts the panel. Our polymer’s expansion is predictable and the concrete’s movement is monitored with pressure dials and an altimeter.

Sometimes the lift will stall because of an aggregate lock. This happens when adjacent panels get “pinched” together. As seen in the video, we clear lock by cutting the joints loose with a concrete saw.

Our technicians expertly lifted and stabilized the entrance and exit panels quickly and cleanly. Each side took less than 5 hours. There was no downtime for Kwik Kar and no disruption to the business.

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