A gap between your foundation and wall could indicate a serious issue somewhere in your home. This article walks you through the most common causes of spaces between your foundation and walls, as well as some possible solutions.

Gap Between Foundation and Wall – What It Means

If you notice any gaps or spaces in between your walls, floors, or ceiling, be on the lookout for other issues such as uneven floors or difficult to open doors and windows. The most common cause of gaps is foundation settlement.

Causes of Your Foundation Pulling Away from Your House

Foundation Issues Due to Settlement

Gaps between walls and a foundation can be a sign of foundation settlement. The gap between the wall and foundation is because the foundation is settling, and the wall is better fastened to the ceiling.

Settling is a normal and natural occurrence for your foundation, especially over time. You should expect a certain amount of settling. However, make sure there are no other symptoms of larger foundation issues.

For example, a crack that continues to grow over time can also be a sign of foundation problems.

Foundation Issues Due to Water Leak

house separating from foundation leak

Poor drainage can cause water to erode soil at your foundation. Under-slab pipe failure or flooding can cause several issues, such as soil expansion or water pressure that pushes against your foundation and puts it under stress. Water leaks can even leak into your home, causing more issues beyond compromising the structural integrity of the building.

Learn about defensive landscaping around your house foundation and foundation plumbing repair solutions if you’re concerned that you may be affected.

Foundation Issues Due to Sinkhole

Sinkholes can develop after large amounts of rainfall in easily soluble areas of soil.  You can spot a possible sinkhole issue by looking for water puddles, cracks, small holes in your yard, sinking trees or fence posts.

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Foundation Issues Due to Soil Shrinkage

Soil shrinkage occurs when the soil is too dry, which causes your foundation to settle improperly. Possible signs you should look for can include soil pulling away from the house foundation, wall and ceiling cracks, sloped floors, and windows or doors that are difficult to open and close.

When to Worry About Foundation Damage

If you’re unsure whether the cracks or possible symptoms of foundation damage warrant a repair, make sure you document their progress and monitor any changes as closely as possible. This can help experts diagnose structural and non-structural cracks. However, larger cracks or extreme settling should be inspected by an expert to prevent further damage.

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