Residential Concrete Lifting Services

Sinking concrete creates uneven driveways, patios, pool decks, and garages on properties throughout Houston. URETEK ICR Gulf Coast offers fast, friendly residential concrete lifting services to restore your property’s structural integrity and enhance its appearance.

Concrete lifting is the process of raising sunken or uneven concrete surfaces. We offer residential concrete lifting services in Houston thanks to our patented foam technology and application method. If you see uneven concrete surfaces, pooling water on concrete, or visible cracks, call us for help.

Traditional concrete lifting relies on a method called mudjacking. Mudjacking involves pumping a cement-like slurry under the concrete. Hydraulic pumping makes it difficult to control the amount the operator dispenses, and over-dispensing can lift the concrete too high or break it.

Mudjacking requires at least three days to cure, but it performs best when left to cure for seven days. Over time, vibrations will break the slurry mixture particles apart, causing the material to move.

You don’t have to worry about these problems with URETEK. We use the URETEK Method to apply expanding polyurethane under the concrete. We use low-pressure injection, and the geopolymer cures quickly, enabling operators to apply a precise amount that ensures smooth lifting.

Your driveway, patio, garage, or pool deck will have minimal downtime thanks to the deep injection method. Our polyurethane foam cures to 90 percent strength in just 15 minutes.

Choose the method that helps your home look its best. Polyurethane residential concrete lifting restores your concrete’s functionality and clean look. It also creates a more attractive result because the UDI method only requires a 5/8″ or smaller hole, whereas mudjacking typically requires gaps between one and two inches.

URETEK Gulf Coast was the first company in Houston to apply polyurethane foam to repair concrete slabs, and we have extensive experience repairing residential concrete assets. We determine the best solution for your property depending on the problem, soil type, budget, and deadline.

See how our eco-friendly, clean, fast, and low-impact polyurethane process can restore your home’s concrete surfaces. Call us today for friendly residential concrete lifting services in the greater Houston area.

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