Commercial Concrete Lifting

Smooth, even concrete surfaces maintain your commercial property’s appearance and functionality. If you have sunken concrete, call URETEK ICR Gulf Coast for commercial concrete lifting in the greater Houston area.

Our expanding polymer is a long-lasting solution that lifts and stabilizes concrete. The injection method is minimally invasive, and by the time our service technicians leave the work site, your concrete asset can be back in service.

Uneven concrete surfaces such as walkways, driveways, and parking lots can pose safety hazards. Additionally, sunken concrete can prompt customers and clients to associate your business with being worn-out or low quality.

URETEK Gulf Coast provides a unique commercial concrete lifting service that uses our patented structural grade expanding polymer. We inject this long-lasting polymer foam directly underneath the sunken concrete.

The foam expands underneath the concrete, lifting it, filling the void space, and aggregating the soil. Aggregated soil is stronger and has a greater load-bearing ability. Improving the soil quality is one way our commercial concrete lifting acts as a long-term solution.

The polymer is also lightweight, improving its performance over alternatives. Heavy lifting materials, like those used in traditional mudjacking, can create new soil compression and cause the concrete to sink again. But while URETEK’s expanding foam is strong enough to lift and stabilize concrete, it is much lighter than traditional injected materials.

While uneven concrete is the most common reason for concrete lifting, we can also lift concrete to improve drainage. Ponding water can cause concrete degradation and leaks. It also creates a slipping hazard. Let us lift the concrete to guide ponding water toward drains.

We’re proud of the high-quality work we offer businesses throughout Houston. We have extensive experience in commercial concrete lifting to remove tripping hazards and improve the slab’s ability to bear the weight of heavy traffic.

We use the URETEK Method, which saves time and enables amazing precision. Low-pressure injection and predictable expansion help our operators avoid over-filling. The technicians also use pressure dials, altimeters, and laser levels to ensure accuracy.

Let us correct sunken concrete with a high-quality material that requires minimal downtime. Contact us for commercial concrete lifting for parking lots, entry lanes, concrete steps, and more.

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