Now that the new year is here, what goals will you set for your home? Here are our top four New Year’s resolutions for home improvement and how you can achieve them in 2022.

1. Resolve Drainage Problems

For homes in Texas, gutters and downspouts are necessary for collecting and carrying away water. Without gutters installed, rainwater will erode the soil around your foundation over time, eventually leading to settlement and other foundation issues. To avoid this, you need to install gutters to catch rainwater and attach downspouts to your drain system. In addition to protecting your foundation, good drainage control prevents wild fluctuations in the moisture levels of your soil and lessens the natural shrink/swell cycle of Houston’s clay soils.

When you want to install rain gutters on your home this new year, you have two choices: do it yourself or hire a professional. Rain gutters and downspouts are important to the integrity of your home, so if you lack the tools or skills to install them properly, call someone who can. Contact the URETEK team today if you need professional help with drainage installation and management for your Houston area home. We also offer drainage solutions for commercial buildings, industrial facilities, office spaces, and various business properties.

2. Fix Your Sinking Pool Deck

concrete pool deck repair HoustonJust like foundations, pool decks can settle and sink. Unfortunately, a sunken pool is more than just a cosmetic problem. It can create a tripping hazard, cause a pool leak, and impact the value of your home. Typical signs of pool settlement include stress cracks, uneven waterlines, plumbing leaks, and water loss. Here are a few common causes of a sunken pool deck:

  • Changing Weather Patterns: Constant changes in Texas weather can result in pool deck damage. Extreme temperature shifts can cause contraction and expansion in the concrete deck, creating stress fractures that contribute to sinking.
  • Improper Soil Compaction: Concrete pool decks weigh tens of thousands of pounds, bearing an incredible load on the ground beneath. During pool placement, installers will compact the soil in order to compensate for this tremendous weight. However, sometimes they don’t do a good enough job, resulting in shifting and settlement.
  • Soil Erosion: One of the most common causes of voids is erosion. Flooding from tropical storms and excess rainwater can find its way into the underlying soil, resulting in a sinking concrete pool deck.
  • Additional Features: Installing extra features in your pool can put excess weight on the structural support. Heavy installations like large stone waterfalls can cause settlement when not done correctly.

Fortunately, the foundation repair experts at URETEK can lift and return your pool back to a flatter plane. We raise and stabilize pool decks for homes, recreational centers, health facilities, schools, and more. Contact URETEK today for help.

3. Replace Rotted Expansion Joints in Driveway

A common cause of concrete settlement is water intrusion through failing/rotted expansion joints. These expansion joints are placed in the spaces between concrete slabs to prevent cracking when temperature changes cause contraction and expansion.

driveway expansion joint crack

So, if you notice new cracks appearing in your concrete slabs, it could mean that the expansion joints are old and must be replaced. Homeowners can seal the joints themselves and protect their concrete against settlement. However, if it’s too late and you already see settlement, call the home foundation repair experts at URETEK right away.

4. Patch/Paint Any Drywall Cracks

Lastly, you can significantly improve your home this year by repairing any drywall cracks. While some wall cracks are signs of foundation issues, not all cracks are foundation-related. Some are simply eyesores that you can fix on your own. However, if the drywall cracks reopen or get bigger, call URETEK for a foundation repair estimate immediately.

Schedule A Foundation Inspection in 2022 with URETEK

The new year is here, and it’s time to get your house back in order. Finding the right home services company is hard, and it’s necessary to hire someone you trust. At URETEK Gulf Coast, we’re here to serve you. Our team of experts specializes in Houston foundation repair, concrete lifting, drainage control, and soil stabilization—and we have over 20 years of experience to show for it.

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