The plumbing under your slab foundation may seem like a mystery. After all, you never have to worry about it – until you do. Depending on how complicated your under-slab plumbing design is, a small foundation plumbing issue could quickly become costly.

Foundation Plumbing Issues

If you feel like something is off, check for the following symptoms to help decide which professional is best suited to help.


Problems with the plumbing in a concrete slab foundation can include:

  • A sudden increase in your water and sewer bill
  • Lower than normal water pressure
  • Wet spots or discoloration on your floor
  • Distinct areas of different temperatures across your floor
  • Bad odors
  • Pooling water in your yard and flower beds
  • Visible damage to your foundation


Some causes of damage to your under-slab plumbing layout can include:

  • Significant foundation settling and shifting
  • Interference from plant and trees roots
  • Pipe aging, corrosion, and clogging that has caused a burst

We’ve worked on projects where a homeowner thinks they simply need foundation remediation in Houston, but the cause of their shifting foundation is a plumbing leak. It’s critical that under-slab leaks are fixed before foundation repairs happen, otherwise your home could continue to shift.

Common Plumbing Diagram for a House on a Slab Foundation

Plumbing rough-in slab diagrams can indicate a relatively simple or complex layout for the plumbing under your home. Your home’s floor plan can identify where your plumbing lies and help a licensed plumber locate and isolate under slab leaks.

We’ve included a very general slab plumbing layout below to help you understand how your home is tied into the City of Houston’s water supply and sewer system.

diagram for plumbing under slab foundation

Do I Need a Plumber or Foundation Repair Company?

If your house is shifting because of over-saturated foundation soil from a plumbing leak, foundation repair is likely not the first step. We recommend you start with plumbing repair in Houston before trying to adjust your foundation.

If signs of foundation problems persist after your plumbing leak has been fixed and you’ve allowed time for your foundation soil to return to normal, then you should consider pressed piling or foam injection foundation repair to bring your slab back to a more level plane.

What If Foundation Problems Caused My Plumbing Damage?

If a shifting foundation was the cause of your plumbing issue, then a more sophisticated solution is called for. You will need some combination of plumbing and foundation repair together to address the situation.

Contact URETEK Gulf Coast for Under Slab Plumbing Repairs

Your best bet is to contact a trusted home services provider in the Greater Houston area that can handle all your foundation and plumbing repair needs. Our experienced foundation repair professionals and licensed plumbing technician can resolve your home’s problems and bring you peace of mind.

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