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Until recently, the typical way to correct interior slab settlement was to install concrete piers inside your home.  This can be a lengthy, disruptive and expensive process.  Some of the tunneling procedures also have a similar drawback. 

Today, many homeowners are finding that the URETEK Method® offers an effective, clean and quick alternative. See more foundation repair questions on our blog.


What is the URETEK Method®?

The URETEK Method® is a patented process that we use for foundation repair in Houston which involves the controlled injection of an expanding, high-density structural geopolymer under concrete and in subsurface soils.


How do you ensure that the slab is brought to an even plane?

Our experienced technicians use laser or computer levels throughout the procedure to carefully monitor and control the amount of slab lift. By using a very short shot injection method, we can reach the desired height of within a 1/8th of an inch.


Will I also need to have interior piers installed?

The URETEK Method® eliminates the need for interior piers or tunneling.


How long does the work take?

Usually one day.


I have parquet and tile floors. Won’t the holes show?

Our technicians always try to drill into the grout line of tiled floors however thin grout lines make this not possible in some cases. The holes are sealed and repaired after the work is completed, and since they are penny-sized, they are practically unnoticeable.


What about wood flooring?

Unfortunately, technicians will have to drill into the floor. Once the job is completed, the holes are filled with stainable wood filler.


What about drilling through carpets?

Often we can loosen the carpet from the tack strip and put it back after the work is completed. Alternatively, a tiny slit is made in the carpet to allow drilling directly through the slab. After the work is completed, the slit is usually undetectable.


Does the geopolymer give off any odor? Is it harmful to my family and pets?

URETEK’s geopolymer is odorless and environmentally benign with no harmful residue.


Can we expect a lot of dirty equipment, mess, and dust in the house?

Unlike pier foundation work, the URTEEK Method® is neat and tidy, with virtually no mess. Work is controlled from one of our fully-equipped, self-contained mobile units outside your residence.


We have built-in furniture where our settlement is worst. Will we have to move it?

No, you do not have to move fixtures, heavy appliances or even furniture. This is another advantage that URETEK offers.


Part of our slab has settled over four inches. Can this be corrected by URETEK?

The URETEK Method® has been used to realign slabs with as much as 15 inches of settlement.


How long has The URETEK Method® been used?

Our patented process has been used worldwide for over 20 years with excellent and lasting results. Our local clients are pleased with the results and serve as our best references.