Concrete lifting is a specialized repair process for correcting sunken or uneven concrete slabs, including foundations, patios, driveways, and sidewalks. Concrete lifting not only preserves the existing concrete but also offers a cost-effective and quick alternative to extensive demolition and reconstruction. Whether you need repair work on your home or business, explore the benefits of concrete lifting to see what makes it a superior solution.

Saving Money

Concrete lifting typically costs substantially less than a new installation. With slab replacement, property owners pay the expenses associated with tearing out and rebuilding the concrete. Since concrete lifting requires fewer resources, it’s more economically friendly.

Some concrete lifting methods can help property owners save even more money. For example, polyurethane foam void filling doesn’t require excavation. It’s a faster, less disruptive concrete lifting solution that doesn’t require large labor crews. All of this translates to a service that costs less without sacrificing repair quality.

Minimizing Downtime

One of the best benefits of concrete lifting is that it minimizes downtime. Newly poured concrete cures to full strength after about seven days. Contractors may advise property owners to wait 24 hours before walking on the concrete and seven days before driving a personal vehicle on it.

In contrast, URETEK’s foam lifting—with our patented fast-curing polyurethane foam—reaches 90 percent strength in just 15 minutes. Most concrete lifting jobs will take four to six hours to complete. Often, homeowners and business owners can use the concrete normally by the time the repair technicians leave the site. These fast results make URETEK the preferred concrete lifting company for repairs in the Houston area.

Restoring Structural Integrity

When the soil underneath concrete erodes or compacts, it can cause uneven surfaces, cracks, and gaps in the concrete it supports. Concrete lifting raises and stabilizes the settled concrete, thereby reinstating its structural integrity and ensuring it can adequately support the weight and stresses placed upon it.

Restoring the concrete’s structural integrity not only addresses immediate safety concerns but also prevents further damage and deterioration over time. URETEK’s foam fills gaps in soil and pushes water away, preventing further water damage. As an added advantage, the foam is hydroinsensitive, so it won’t break down in the presence of water. This characteristic ensures that long after we put the foam in place, it will continue to protect your concrete’s stability.

Enhancing Safety and Aesthetics

Uneven concrete surfaces create tripping hazards, particularly on walkways, driveways, pool decks, and patios. Lifting and stabilizing the slab enhances safety by restoring the concrete’s smooth surface.

Beyond safety improvements, concrete lifting revitalizes the aesthetic appeal of concrete surfaces. Settled, cracked, or uneven concrete can detract from a property’s overall appearance, making it look neglected and uninviting. Concrete lifting restores these surfaces to their original level and appearance, instantly boosting curb appeal and enhancing the property’s value.

With the polyurethane injection method, residential and commercial property owners can enjoy significant savings and minimal downtime when restoring the safety, stability, and appearance of their concrete. The advantages of concrete lifting, including its ability to prevent further damage while improving the overall appearance and value of a property, make it a superior alternative to complete slab replacement. Restore the functionality and longevity of your concrete by booking an appointment with URETEK ICR Gulf Coast today.