If you have a leak in your slab foundation, the results could be catastrophic. Under-slab foundation leaks happen the most often in older homes but they can still occur in newly built homes, too.

It is essential to be familiar with the signs of a foundation pipe leak. Quickly identifying these issues can save you thousands of dollars in repairs. Below, we’ll answer common questions about how to find a slab leak and give you some tips for addressing this serious issue before it’s too late.

What Is a Drain Line?

When your home has a slab foundation, plumbing drain lines are installed underneath that slab. Water lines don’t typically run under your foundation. 

A drain line is any kind of plumbing that allows wastewater to flow out into your sewer or septic system. Damage to drain lines can result in water leaking out from under your home’s foundation.

Below, we’ll take a look at seven common signs that you may have a leak in one of the pipes under your floor. If you notice any of these issues, there is likely a problem with your drain line.

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Signs of Plumbing Leaks Below the Foundation

Here are some of the most common ways to know that you may have a leak within your foundation.

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1. Slow to Drain Sinks or Bathtub

Have you snaked your drain but are still having slow-to-drain plumbing? This could be a sign that there is a clog or break deep in the line. Sometimes tree root systems will infiltrate drain lines. A clog can be cleared by a commercial snake, but breaks will need to be repaired to get water flowing properly again. 

2. Water in Unexpected Places

Unless you just endured a heavy rainfall, there should not be unexpected puddles of water on your property. If there are, then you may have a significant foundation plumbing issue. When your foundation is leaking water, it will eventually seep out and create puddles in your yard.

3. Flooring Damage

Flooring damage is another strong indicator of a leak in your slab foundation. As water seeps out, it can percolate upward through the foundation. This may cause mold and other water damage. If you have wood or laminate flooring, the foundation leak may also cause it to swell and distort. 

4. Foundation Damage

One of the most serious signs of a leak in pipes under the floor is foundation damage. Over time, the excess water can cause the soil underneath your home to shift, which will put a strain on your slab foundation. The foundation of your home can crack and become severely damaged, making your home unsafe to live in.

signs of drain line leaks

Causes of Leaks in Drain Pipes

There are many potential causes of leaks in your drain pipes. They include:

  • Severely clogged lines
  • Corrosion
  • Improper installation
  • Shifting soil
  • Excessive water pressure
  • Tree root growth
  • Cracks

Regardless of the cause of your foundation pipe leak, it is vital to have the problem addressed quickly. The longer it goes unnoticed, the more severe the damage can become.

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How Do Drain Line Leaks Damage a Foundation?

When drains beneath your foundation begin to leak, they can damage your slab. As the leaky pipe pours water underneath your home, it will soak the soil. As the soil washes away, your foundation can shift, crack, or even drop downward.

Once foundation damage occurs, repairs may be costly. Be mindful of the indicators so that you can resolve any drain line leaks quickly.

URETEK Gulf Coast Can Help with Drain Line Leak Repair in Houston

Drain line leaks can cause lasting damage to your home. They are also one of the most frequent types of leaks that occur in a slab foundation.

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