Generally speaking, a concrete driveway should last between 25 and 30 years with dedicated maintenance and care. While looking after your driveway will extend its lifespan, it’s still possible for problems to arise as a result of environmental conditions.

One major issue to look for is a sunken driveway. If you notice that the driveaway of your residential or business property appears to be sinking, it can help to know how to fix sunken driveways.

What Causes a Driveway to Sink?

A cracked or sinking driveway indicates significant structural damage that must be corrected immediately. In cases where the sinking began shortly after the driveway’s installation, the problem may be the result of poor workmanship — more often than not, it means the underlying soil wasn’t appropriately leveled or packed tightly enough.

Other factors that can leave a residential or commercial driveway cracked and sinking are soil erosion, excess moisture, and shifting soil. Soil often changes positions over time due to the action of tree and shrub roots.

Moisture usually poses a problem in the spring when the frozen ground begins to thaw. As the soil increases in temperature, it becomes moist, which can cause it to loosen or compact further.

Any environmental condition that causes a change in the foundation soil can lead to a problem with your driveway. So when you notice shifting or sinking, it’s helpful to know how to fix sinking driveways.

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Sunken Driveway Repair: Exploring Your Options

If you have a problem with your driveway, you’re undoubtedly wondering what to do about it.

While fixing sunken concrete driveways isn’t a project you should attempt to carry out on your own, it never hurts to know your options. Here are three methods for raising a fallen driveway, according to the experts at URETEK.


Property owners wondering how to fix sinking driveways might be tempted to try mudjacking, considering it’s a relatively simple procedure. However, this is the method most professionals recommend the least, as it’s messy and doesn’t usually solve the underlying problems with the soil.

Mudjacking involves drilling approximately 2” holes into the concrete and pumping mud through to the underside. While this method is useful for raising the sunken portion of the driveway, it won’t fix soil conditions and adds a lot of additional weight to an already weak subgrade, meaning the problem could always reoccur.


Rather than worrying about how to fix sunken driveways, you might consider replacing them altogether. While this is a surefire option, it can be costly and inconvenient. Why face the high costs of installing an entirely new driveway when the technology exists to offer a cheaper solution?

You’ll also have to trust that your concrete contractor will properly pack and level the soil. If they don’t, you’re really no better off — you’ll likely find your driveway cracked and sinking again before long. In addition, if you’ll be sending good concrete to a landfill.

The Preferred Method: Polyurethane Foam Jacking

When you hire someone to raise your driveway with polyurethane foam repair, they’ll start by drilling holes in the concrete. However, the holes will be much smaller than they would be for mudjacking. They’ll then fill these holes with liquid polyurethane, which will quickly start expanding into the loose, weak soils. It fills voids beneath the driveway and aggregates loose soils into a denser, more stable subgrade; then, it lifts the sunken driveway.

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Using the URETEK Method® for Fixing Sunken Driveways

The URETEK Method® is a refined concrete lifting approach that eliminates the need for digging or excavation.

We can raise driveways with foam without undertaking a more intrusive construction process. We use a special polymer with a rapid curing time that allows the foam to reach 90% strength within 15 minutes.

As an added benefit of this foundation repair method, you’ll find that this process saves you the most money.

Even with mudjacking, the excavation, materials, and extensive labor involved will drive up your costs. The URETEK Method® eliminates those processes and reduces your total expense in repairing your driveway. You’ll also be able to use your driveway much sooner when it’s all said and done.

URETEK Has Experience Repairing Sunken Driveways in Houston, Texas

Your sunken driveway repair will last longer when it’s handled by the professionals at URETEK Gulf Coast. We specialize in concrete driveway erosion repair, polyurethane foam void filling, and various other Houston foundation repair services.

Contact us today to schedule driveway repairs for your residential or business property.