Voids in soil are spaces or gaps that exist between soil. They can occur around a property naturally due to factors like erosion or as a result of leaking sewer and drain lines.

Voids under foundations compromise the stability of structures built on the soil, making it crucial to identify and address them promptly. Explore the importance of foundation void filling for your property.

Prevents Structural Damage

Foundation voids can lead to uneven weight distribution throughout your home’s structure, which risks causing cracks and other forms of structural damage. This imbalance can significantly weaken the entire foundation and, if left untreated, can result in costly damage.

Specifically, voids can lead to wall buckling, where pressure on the walls becomes too much, causing them to bow and crack. Moreover, you may witness uneven floors, door frames that jam, and windows that no longer close properly, indicating a severe shift in the structural integrity of your home. By filling soil voids, you provide support, helping to prevent cracks throughout the building and extending the life of your home’s foundation.

Mitigates the Risk of Water Damage

Foundation void filling is also important for protecting your home from water damage. Voids can act as channels for water, leading to dampness, and even erosion over time.

Void filling services, such as polyurethane foam injection, densify and fill the soil gaps. Making the load-bearing soil more stable mitigates water accumulation beneath

Enhances Property Value

A well-maintained foundation is a key consideration for potential buyers and appraisers when determining a property’s value. A compromised foundation can lead to severe structural problems, including uneven floors, wall cracks, and moisture issues, which can deter potential buyers and depreciate the property’s value.

By adequately filling the foundation voids, you ensure the stability and safety of the structure, thereby enhancing the property’s appeal to potential buyers and appraisers and protecting its overall market value.

Reduces the Need for Costly Repairs

By addressing foundation voids promptly, property owners can prevent more extensive and expensive damage down the line. It’s much more cost-effective to fill damaging voids as soon as they appear than to wait for the problems to become severe and require more extensive foundation repair or replacement.

For instance, one of the major problems that might occur is structural damage. If voids cause the foundation to crack or shift, you might need to invest in hefty repairs like underpinning. This process can be labor-intensive and require extensive excavation, leading to significant costs.

Addressing foundation voids is critical for the longevity and value of your property. URETEK offers expert polyurethane foam injection, an effective solution for addressing soil voids that compromise structural stability. Call us today to learn how our services can stabilize your foundation and improve the underlying soil’s load-bearing capacity.