Soil Stabilization at WWTP in Katy

Dec 13, 2016

During a routine tour of the Williamsburg Sewer Treatment Plant in Katy, plant operators noticed a significant crack on the headworks structure that revealed subsidence of that structure. Investigative boring and soil analysis discovered that there were weak soil strata below the headworks and, therefore, the soil was unable to support the structure above. The Williamsburg Regional Sewer Authority then contacted URETEK ICR Gulf Coast to provide a solution and foundation repair services in Katy, TX.

URETEK provided a cost effective, zero-excavation solution with their patented Deep Injection method. For general foundation repair and soil stabilization, URETEK will inject their geopolymer at surface grade below the foundation, but Deep Injection requires the geopolymer to be injected below surface grade. At the Williamsburg Sewer Treatment Plant, URETEK injected at -6’ and, then, -10’ below the surface. This process created a column of expanded geopolymer below the surface. URETEK technicians did this every 5’ to 6’ around the structure. URETEK was able to lift and stabilize the soil effectively without having to excavate or tear down parts of the structure. Contact Uretek Gulf Coast today for foundation repair in Katy, TX or anywhere else in the Houston area!

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