Leveling Concrete Pad at Water Facility

Project Date: August 2018 | Location: Cypress, TX | Customer: HMW Special Utilities District | Service: Concrete Lifting, Stabilization|

HMW Special Utility District is a water and special utility district that provides water to more than 50 subdivisions and retail parks in Harris and Montgomery County.

At one of their water facilities in Cypress, a concrete pad housing two 900-gallon pressure tanks had started to settle. With both pressure tanks at max capacity the slab load is more than 15,000lbs. The settlement was putting stress on plumbing attached to the pressure tanks and threatened to snap pipes.

For this project, we opted to use pressed piles to lift and support the concrete pad. We knew we could achieve excellent results while remaining economical with pressed piles because of the concrete’s narrow shape and the manner in which it had settled.

Using pressed piles, we supported all four corners and two center locations. Piles were installed by digging out soil to expose the bottom of the concrete pad at each pile location. Piles were then pressed into the soil using hydraulic jacks. Piles get pushed down until they reach soil that can support structure’s weight and allow the slab to be lifted.

Our crew achieved a maximum lift of 3” and perfectly leveled the concrete pad. HMW Field Supervisor Peter Garcia praised the crew by saying, “The job site was very well organized and efficient. The workers knew what they were doing and worked well together. Overall Uretek did a great job.” The work was minimally impactful to HMW’s clients and completed in a single day.

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