Foundation Repair in Friendswood

Dec 12, 2016

A Friendswood construction company viewed unsightly warning signs of settling foundation at their office: multiple cracks in the workshop’s wall and baseboards in the kitchenette were pulling away from the floor. In the workshop, some of the cracks in the wall were nearly 3 feet long and ¼ inch wide, while in the kitchenette, baseboards hovered approximately ½ inch above the tiled floor. Wanting to avoid the mess of a traditional foundation repair methods, the construction company was actually referred to URETEK ICR Gulf Coast by a “competitor” foundation repair company.

Well-known in the construction and foundation repair industry, URETEK ICR Gulf Coast is commonly referred to customers because they provide a fast, low mess alternative to interior piers. URETEK often receives referrals from sympathetic “competitor” companies when their customers aren’t interested in having interior piers installed at their residential or commercial properties. URETEK provides a convenient solution that can’t be beat. Installing interior piers can be a loud, messy process that takes multiple days to complete and may halt or hinder business operations during installation. Most URETEK jobs take 4-6 hours to complete and utilize expanding-polyurethane injections to lift and stabilize a settling foundation. The only mess created comes from drilling a 5/8 inch hole. Truly, the amount of mess created by a typical URETEK job can be held in the palm of your hand.

A Repair Method That Can’t be Beat

After onsite elevations and measurements were taken, URETEK representatives found that the construction company’s office entryway and hallway were suffering from less obvious settlement problems as well.  The office building had typical settlement that occurs naturally over time, and even though the walls and baseboards were telegraphing serious work, the problem was minimal. Interior piers are a hard sell in situations like this because you can’t justify the amount of work needed to achieve such simple results. However, regardless of how serious, all settling foundations should be repaired and stabilized to avoid further settlement.

Following the repair plans laid out by URETEK’s representatives, URETEK technicians drilled seven 5/8 inch holes in various locations throughout the entryway, hallway, workshop, and kitchenette area; the holes are injection points for URETEK’s patented expanding polymer.

As soon as the polymer is injected under the foundation it begins to rapidly expand and become super dense. The expanding polymer will stabilize the soil under the foundation by filling any voids and compress the soil. Once the soil is compressed enough that it reaches its point of refusal, the polymer will begin to gently lift the foundation. Using a Compu-level, technicians monitor the foundation’s changes in elevation as the polymer expands. By continuing this process at other injection points, URETEK ICR Gulf Coast was able to bring the office building’s foundation to a flatter plane, as well, as close cracks in the workshop’s wall and bring the kitchenette floor back up to meet the baseboards.

From the moment URETEK technicians were on site to the moment they left, repairs took a mere 4 hours. Excellent repair time and a clean repair method is what allows URETEK ICR Gulf Coast to stand out among traditional foundation repair companies.

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