Trilogy Solutions Construction Services needed to repair a panel in a commercial driveway. Near the center of the driveway, the panel had sunken 4.5 inches due to soil erosion and heavy use. Since the driveway was used as an entrance for semi trucks and trailers throughout the day, closing down part of the entrance for rip and replace wasn’t the best solution. In addition, replacing a panel would take multiple days and bottleneck deliveries to one side of the entrance. Trilogy’s choice for fast, non-disruptive commercial driveway repair was clear– it was URETEK ICR Gulf Coast. Utilizing URETEK’s unique geopolymer, URETEK technicians drilled a series of small holes into the sunken panel and injected its rapidly expanding geopolymer. Immediately seeking out voids in the soil, the geopolymer expands to fill, compress, and stabilize the soil under the panel. Once stabilized, the geopolymer will begin to expand upwards, lifting the panel back into place. The total amount of time spent on the job was only four hours and once URETEK technicians left the jobsite, the driveway was fully operational– minimal downtime.

Trilogy- Job #130116-1

Sunken driveway panel

Job # 130116- 15602 Jacinto Port Blvd-2

Panel is sunken 4.5″

Job # 130116- 15602 Jacinto Port Blvd-3

Utilizing the URETEK Method

Job # 130116- 15602 Jacinto Port Blvd-4

Now, panel is back to normal