What do you do when concrete sinks on your residential or commercial property? You seek out concrete lifting services. Let’s go over some information you need to know before starting your search for concrete lifting in Houston, TX.

Signs That You Need Concrete Lifting

Visible Concrete Cracks

Constant changes in Texas weather can cause the soil beneath a slab to repeatedly expand, contract, and eventually become loose. When the soil moves around, cracks can form in the concrete above.

Many property owners ignore concrete cracks because they don’t seem harmful. However, cracking is an obvious sign that you need concrete lifting. Quick fixes may solve the problem temporarily, but as time goes on, the underlying structural issues will force the concrete to settle further. Plus, large cracks can be a safety hazard, especially in areas that have heavy traffic.

Sinking Slab

Walkways often experience issues related to sinking slabs. We’ve all seen this on sidewalks when one slab appears to stand out from the others. Fortunately, this can be fixed by filling the voids under the concrete slab with expanding polymer, reinforcing the soil beneath.

Garage and Driveway Slabs Are Uneven

Your garage slab and driveway slab are supposed to be even. So, if your slabs do not line up, your driveway has most likely settled. Luckily, expanding polymer can quickly lift your driveway back into its original place.

New Puddles Forming

Concrete is typically poured in a downward slope so that water runs off the surface. So, if you’re seeing new water puddles form on your concrete, foundation shifting has probably changed the slab’s alignment. If this goes unfixed, water will wear away the concrete over time and cause further shifting.

Should you raise or replace your concrete slab?

In many cases, lifting your concrete is just as effective as replacing it entirely. However, there are some situations where concrete lifting will not suffice. For example, if your concrete is in too poor of condition, too cracked up, or has heaved, total replacement might be the better option. To see which foundation repair method is right for you, have your concrete evaluated by a professional.

What Proper Concrete Lifting Looks Like

Concrete lifting is a relatively quick process. However, the exact amount of time it will take depends on factors such as the size of the affected area and the extent of the damage. In our experience, the procedure will take no longer than a day. The great thing about polymer is that it cures extremely fast. URETEK’s patented polymer expands, lifts, and hardens in just minutes, so your concrete can be back in service almost immediately!

The first step of the process is to drill penny-sized holes into the concrete. Next, our technicians will inject structural grade expanding polymer beneath the sunken concrete. The polymer will expand, simultaneously filling the voids and lifting the concrete. Meanwhile, our technicians will be monitoring the concrete’s movement with pressure reading devices. This way, it’s easy to control the lift and achieve the best possible results.

Polymer vs. Mudjacking

An advantage of using expanding polymer over mudjacking is that it will not add significant weight to the weak soil. While mudjacking slurry weighs approx. 120lbs/cu ft, URETEK polymer only weighs 4lbs/cu ft. In addition, mudjacking is a more invasive method. It requires more cleanup, and takes longer to cure.

Partnering with the Best Concrete Lifting Company in Houston

Finding a reputable foundation repair specialist in the Houston area can be a challenge. But, you should be able to work with a company you trust! At URETEK, we provide affordable, high-quality concrete lifting services in Houston. Our patented, innovative expanding polymer process is a great, long-lasting way to achieve a satisfactory foundation lift for your structure. Benefits of URETEK’s concrete lifting services include:

  • Almost no downtime
  • Stable and non-erosive
  • Penetrates hard to reach areas
  • Long-lasting material
  • Soil aggregation

For decades, our patented foundation repair method has provided Texans with permanent foundation solutions. At URETEK Gulf Coast, we recommend lifting concrete with expanding polymer as a quick, easy, permanent, and affordable alternative to mudjacking and other concrete lifting methods. In addition, we provide various commercial concrete lifting services, including parking lots, industrial driveways, warehouses, schools, car dealerships, gas stations, etc. We even offer residential concrete lifting for driveway panels, concrete steps, entry lanes, and pool decks.

If you’ve noticed any signs that your commercial or residential property needs a concrete lift, contact our team today.