Ensure the structural integrity of your home or commercial building by maintaining the structure’s foundation. Over time, foundations can settle, tip, shift, and develop cracks.

Avoid problems like sloping floors, poorly operating doors and windows, and water intrusion by using polyurethane foundation repair, a faster and minimally invasive method compared to traditional alternatives. Learn the benefits of polyurethane foundation repair to understand how it can help your property.

How Polyurethane Injection Works

Knowing the basic process of polyurethane injection, also called foam jacking, can help you understand its advantages. After analyzing your soil and foundation damage, technicians drill small holes starting at the top of the slab. Then, they inject polyurethane foam into those holes.

The expanding polymer compresses loose soil and fills voids while gently lifting the damaged section into the correct place. Technicians use pressure dials, laser levels, and computer levels to monitor expansion and ensure quality work.

Limited Disruption

One of the top benefits of polyurethane foundation repair is that it offers limited disruption. URETEK ICR Gulf Coast uses a patented fast-curing polymer that reaches 90 percent strength in 15 minutes, and most applications only take one day to complete.

Polyurethane void filling does not require excavation or loud machinery. Minimal disruptions make it easier for households and businesses to continue their routines.

Quality Repairs

Foam jacking is not only minimally invasive but also a reliable, high-quality repair method. The process starts with a foundation repair specialist visiting your property to assess the foundation.

The specialist will perform a visual inspection and use a computer level to check the affected area’s elevation. Then, technicians inject the expanding polymer directly into the affected site to raise sunken and settled slabs. The foam expands and cures quickly to resituate the slab and prevent continued settling.

Cost Savings

Foam jacking is a cost-effective repair service for leveling concrete slabs. Simple installation minimizes labor costs, and high-quality repairs mean you will not have to pay more in the future to address your foundation’s problems.

The total cost of your repair service will depend on many factors, including the size of the building, the settling location, how much the slab has moved, and the size of the affected area.

Contact URETEK ICR Gulf Coast for Foundation Repair

Polyurethane foundation repair is fast, minimally invasive, high quality, and cost-effective. For the best service in Houston, contact URETEK ICR Gulf Coast.

Our professional team will assess your foundation and provide a service consultation. Call us today for a free estimate on polyurethane void filling.