Clients expect a smooth and easy ride as they pull into your parking lot. Ponding water and hazards aren’t something your tenants or patrons should have to worry about. No one wants to wade through puddles formed from a lack of an adequate drainage system. It’s hard to keep customers happy if they have wet feet!

Hazards in parking lots and drives lanes are something else customers don’t want to deal with. Driving their vehicles through a parking lot riddled with potholes isn’t anyone’s idea of fun. Improving parking lots and drive lanes on commercial properties is something every property manager and owner should consider a priority. It will help retain current clients and even bring new ones in.

4 Ways to Improve Your Lots and Lanes with Client Happiness in Mind

Commercial parking lots and drive lanes are high-value areas for a business since they typically require a significant amount of material. Fortunately, you can improve these areas without major disruptions. Here are four ways to do just that.

1. Alleviate Ponding & Promote Drainage

Concrete that is poorly pitched or settled prevents water from draining to catch basins. Stagnant water is an unattractive nuisance and curtails useable parking spaces. Luckily, URETEK can lift low areas to improve parking lot drainage control and prevent water from collecting—no excavation or jackhammering required!

parking lot ponding problem     parking lot drainage issue

2. Seal Leaking Catching Basins

A leaking catch basin erodes soil and creates voids under a parking lot. In addition, concrete that is not well supported by soil can break under the weight of vehicles. Foundation repair professionals can inject around basins to seal cracks, seal around pipes, repair joint failure, and fill under-slab voids. This can all be done quickly and without breaking out concrete.

3. Fix Trip & Vehicle Hazards

Entry and exit panels often settle. This is because these sections are repeatedly used, and vehicle vibrations cause soil to settle and concrete to misalign. Settlement can affect the traffic flow and creates the possibility of concrete chipping and breaking. Fortunately, panels can be lifted back into place and stabilized quickly by URETEK technicians.

parking lot vehicle hazards.      how to improve parking lots

4. Stabilize Pumping Panels

As concrete joints fail, water infiltrates beneath the slab. Vehicles repeatedly driving over the slab create a rocking motion and cause the prepared fill to be pumped out through the joints, making a void. Experienced technicians can stabilize pumping panels and fill the voids’ space.

URETEK’s Unique Commercial Property Improvement Methods

Do you have problems with ponding water or hazards at your commercial properties? Want to ensure your client’s happiness? The experts at URETEK are ready to assist you. Whether you have questions or need a parking lot repaved, we are here to help. We offer commercial foundation repair, concrete lifting, soil stabilization services, and home foundation repair in Houston, Texas.

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