Drain lines move water away from toilets, sinks, showers, and tubs and into the sewer. A clogged or damaged drain line is among the most frustrating but common plumbing problems.

A camera inspection can help your plumber diagnose and locate the issue, making repairs faster and more cost-effective. Learn four signs you need a drain line camera inspection.

Frequent Clogs

You may have a clogged sewer line if you have persistent clogs in showers, toilets, or sinks. You can usually clear it yourself if it’s near the top of the drain. But you’ll need to go further if the clog is further down the drain line or if you have multiple clogs throughout the building.

A plumber can send a camera through your plumbing to find where the blockage is. Then, they’ll target that area to clear the clog.

Sewage Odors

Sewer odors are another sign you need a drain line camera inspection. Rotting food particles, sewage backup, and standing water can cause foul smells.

The plumbing technician feeds a small camera into the sewer line and moves it remotely. The camera sends real-time images of the pipe so the technician can see debris, clogs, cracks, and any other problems lurking in your sewer lines.

Water Damage on Floors or Walls

Drainpipes are tucked behind walls and under floors, carrying wastewater away from your home and to the sewer. If a damaged pipe bursts or leaks, it could make your walls and floors damp.

Camera inspections are minimally invasive and completed quickly. Call a plumber if you notice water in your home or building but can’t locate the source. Damp environments can invite mold growth that may harm your health or damage your property.

Backed-Up Water

Finally, backed-up water indicates a sewer problem that a camera inspection can help solve. Water backups include toilets overflowing or sewage backing up into sink drains.

A damaged or collapsed drain line, blockage, or tree root intrusion can cause backups. Using the inspection camera, your technician won’t have to dig haphazardly through your property to identify and fix the line.

Frequent clogs, sewage odors, moist infrastructure, and backed-up water are common signs of clogged or broken drain lines. If you experience these issues, call URETEK ICR Gulf Coast for plumbing services in Houston. We can identify the problem and clear the leak or repair the pipe as needed.