Why is my drywall cracking?

Apr 19, 2017 | Foundation Repair, Residential

If you are noticing cracks in your drywall, you could have a serious underlying problem. Also…it could be nothing. Sometimes drywall can crack for harmless reasons; sometimes it’s a sign of foundation problems. If you suspect that it’s a foundation problem then you should contact a foundation repair professional. Cracking drywall happens so we compiled a few reasons why drywall may crack.

Your house is settling (obviously).

All houses settle, and the building materials are usually designed to handle this process. Sometimes however, different parts of your house settle at different times. This process can end up causing cracks in between your ceiling and the walls because of the downward movement that takes place. Cracks often show up near the top edges of door frames, and appear diagonal, sometimes getting worse as time goes on. You should monitor cracks that appear. If they continue to crack, then contact URETEK.

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Your drywall was installed poorly.

One of the main reasons that drywall tends to crack is improper installation. If mistakes are made in the application and the taping of the joint compound, the drywall sheet can move around and create cracks in the tape. The seams in between the sheets of drywall need to be sufficiently taped and smoothed down to avoid this from happening. If you think your drywall was installed poorly, one solution is to tighten the screws or nails along the crack to make sure that no more cracks occur.

Excess moisture buildup.

The drywall screws and wall studs are common places for moisture to develop and hang around in your drywall. When moisture accrues on the screws and studs, it can cause rusting which in turn causes the drywall to crack.

Hanging Objects.

If you have really heavy objects hanging off of your drywall, the stress caused by them can cause cracks to develop. These types of cracks are not always visible right away and can often stay hidden for long periods of time before you find them.  Don’t wait until the object you are hanging on your wall falls off to notice a crack.

Improper application of the paint.

You can tell by the pattern of cracks on your wall whether or not it is actually the drywall or just the paint cracking. If the pattern of cracks resembles a cracked eggshell, this is often an indicator that improper application of the paint is the culprit. If this is your issue, try sanding your walls and coating them with a layer of drywall joint compound to cover the cracks. After it dries you can add latex primer to it and then repaint your walls.

Cracks in your drywall are fairly common and caused by a number of reasons. While some of them are harmless, cracks could also indicate that you have a compromised foundation. If you believe your foundation is damaged, contact URETEK today for a free assessment and quote on a possible Foundation Repair. URETEK can fix your problem and prevent it from ever getting worse and draining your pocketbook.

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