How Root Barrier Can Save Your Foundation

May 3, 2018 | Commercial, Foundation Repair, Residential

You might think you’ve found your perfect home, but tree roots can quickly destroy your home’s foundation and force you to spend thousands of dollars in repairs. Luckily, there’s a preventative measure that can save your foundation: root barriers, which can protect your foundation from invasive roots that leeching water from the soil underneath and around your home.

But, buyers beware: sloppy, careless, or inferior work can cause even more damage than before, as well as destroy perfectly healthy trees on your property. Don’t trust your home to just anyone: find experts in who can do the job right, the first time around.


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Root barriers are important on land with trees nearby. Trees actively seek moisture and nutrients from soil through their roots, and can start to grow towards your foundation, plumbing, and driveway without you even realizing it. Root barriers act as a shield to stop roots in their tracks, while also preventing them from leeching precious moisture from the soil around your home. Properly installed root barriers are crucial to protect the integrity and stability of your foundation and your plumbing, avoiding raised or split driveways, and saving you thousands of dollars down the line.

Whether you’re starting to see the effects of root damage on your foundation, are worried about trees planted close by, or are building a new home, the experts are here to help. URETEK ICR Gulf Coast, the leading company providing foundation repair company in Houston knows exactly what’s at stake and can help diagnose and repair your property. Foundation repair prevention doesn’t have to be complicated. Let the pros do what they know best and offers the least invasive solutions for both residential and commercial clients.

Root barrier isn’t just a quick fix or a last resort. It’s an investment in your home and property for the future. Act now and get your property assessed by professionals to make sure your home stays just as perfect as the day you bought it.

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