How to Identify and Repair Sinkholes

Jul 17, 2018 | Foundation Repair, Polymer Injection, Residential, Soil Stabilization

Sinkholes can appear out of nowhere, and leave you scratching your head on what to do. They can be messy, frustrating, and downright dangerous if left untreated. There are different types of sinkholes that can occur on your property, but they’re usually caused by collapsing underground soil. They come in all sizes, and can be much bigger than they look at first—kind of like an iceberg.

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If the hole is only few feet in diameter and is located on your property, it’s possible to repair it without help, but it’s always recommended that you contact professionals to make sure the sink hole is stable. If so, you can begin by probing the perimeter of the sinkhole to make sure it doesn’t extend any further underneath the soil and remove any debris from inside.

Next, fill the hole with a few inches of soil, and pack it down hard with a sledgehammer. Continue this process until the hole is completely filled, and then spend a few minutes thoroughly watering the covered sink hole (this will help the soil settle so that you know if more soil is required). Check on your sink hole every few days to make sure it’s not sinking further, and doesn’t require more soil. If soil continues to settle, call a professional like URETEK ICR Gulf Coast.

For larger Sink Hole Repair in Houston, Tx, professionals are an absolute must. There’s always a chance the hole could be unstable, worsen, or cause an accident. URETEK ICR Gulf Coast knows exactly how to identify and repair sinkholes of every variety, making your property safe and stable once again. If a sinkhole has caused settlement, URETEK ICR Gulf Coast can also provide foundation repair that you can trust. Houston foundation repair can be costly, so don’t delay and make sure you get your sink hole assessed right away by the experts.

If a sink hole appears on your property, safety should be your number one priority. Unless you’re confident you know what you’re doing, trust the experts in sinkhole repair experts.

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