Foundation Repair in Victoria, TX

A Whataburger in Victoria, TX was having subsidence issues at their drive lane leading to the drive-thru. Concrete panels became misaligned at the joints which created a potential trip hazard and allowed water to collect. Due to concern for safety and convenience of their customers, the panels needed to be lifted.

A URETEK representative visited the Whataburger and found that there was as much as 4.5” of subsidence at some of the panels. Knowing the nature of a restaurant like Whataburger, the URETEK Method® was proposed to lift and stabilize the drive because it’s a non-invasive solution with minimal downtime.

foundation repair in Victoria, TX at Whataburger

The URETEK Method® is an innovative copolymer injection process for foundation repair, soil stabilization, polyurethane foam void filling and concrete leveling in Houston. It’s a zero-excavation solution that is clean and keeps downtime to a minimum.

The Concrete Lifting Process

Following the URETEK representatives repair plan, trained URETEK technicians begin the URETEK Method® by drilling a pattern of 5/8” holes through the subsided panels. Next, technicians use the holes to inject URETEK’s patented expanding geopolymer under the panels. Geopolymer is structural-grade polyurethane foam that expands—simultaneously void filling, compressing and stabilizing weak soil.

Once the soil is stabilized, the expanding geopolymer gently lifts each panel back to its original location. Technicians monitor lift with computer levels to accurately match each panel’s joint. After a few hours the drive lane leading up to the drive-thru is back to a flatter plane and the trip hazard is gone.

URETEK was able to provide Whataburger with a cost-effective solution that avoids the substantial downtime that comes with other repair methods like rip-and-replace. Choose URETEK to extend the life of your concrete.