Foundation Repair in Missouri City, TX

Stop Water Mitigation and Erosion

missouri city, tx foundation repair

Using URETEK’s geopolymer, an underground curtain wall was created to mitigate water flow and erosion.

URETEK ICR Gulf Coast was contacted by Missouri City’s Public Works Department to provide an effective infrastructure solution. A pond in the Quail Valley community was suffering from soil erosion. Pond water was infiltrating through the pond bank, draining into a nearby creek and weakening soils.

A URETEK specialist visited the site and proposed creating an underground curtain wall by utilizing a polymeric compaction grouting method. The underground curtain wall would span across the bank, creating a water-tight barrier, preventing further and future water migration, as well as, adding structural stability to weakened areas. To do this, URETEK would utilize their unique hydro-insensitive geopolymer.

URETEK’s patented geopolymer is lightweight, high-density, structural-grade polyurethane foam capable of lifting and supporting multi-tonnage. URETEK uses their geopolymer in a variety of ways, like commercial and residential foundation repair, polyurethane foam void filling and manhole rehabilitation.

City officials were happy with URETEK’s proposal, so technicians mobilized to make the foam foundation repairs. To create the underground curtain wall, more than 100 injection sites were drilled along the bank at 5 feet increments. Every injection site is used to create a section of the underground curtain wall. Next, technicians began injecting the geopolymer. At each hole, injections started at -20 feet, then -15 feet, -10 feet, and finally -5 feet. As the geopolymer expanded at each depth, it compressed soil and filled subsurface voids and fissures. Once injections were completed at one site, technicians move to the next injection site to start creating another section of underground curtain wall. The expanding geopolymer at each injection site expands and creates a water-tight seal with adjacent geopolymer.

Eventually, URETEK technicians had created 500 linear feet of underground curtain wall along the pond bank. All water migration had ceased and the pond bank was stabilized due to URETEK ICR Gulf Coast’s repair plan. Contact us today for a free inspection!