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Feel like it’s a foundation problem? Let an expert assess the problem and provide a foundation repair solution that works.

Since opening in 2000, URETEK ICR Gulf Coast has been the leader in innovative foundation repair. Let us give you peace-of-mind by providing honest foundation repair solutions for your home or business.

We proudly serve Greater Houston and neighboring cities. Our Houston foundation repair specialists travel to Victoria, Beaumont, Lufkin, and Galveston. Clients love that our team is experienced, honest, and arrive on time.

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Years in Business

Successful Projects

URETEK performs foundation repair on all foundation types throughout Greater Houston.

We’re able to tackle projects, large and small. Our team is knowledgeable and can provide foundation repair plans for homeowners, property managers, and plant managers.

Residential Foundation Repair

URETEK can provide clean, non-invasive foundation repair for homes and multi-family dwellings in Greater Houston.  Our URETEK Method allows for fast and long-lasting foundation repair without the mess.

Commercial Foundation Repair

URETEK offers thoughtful foundation repair solutions that have minimal impact on tenants and your business. URETEK has provided effective foundation repair for high-traffic retail spaces, commercial warehouses, and office buildings throughout Greater Houston.

Industrial Foundation Repair

URETEK has successfully performed work at chemical plants, industrial warehouses, and airports. Our crews are trained through Houston Area Safety Council and regularly adhere to site-specific requirements, procedures and training.

Get the right foundation repair solution every time!

We design repair plans with your family and your business in mind. Each foundation repair solution is tailored to the home or building and circumstance.

URETEK ICR Gulf Coast commonly uses URETEK Method and pressed pilings for foundation repair. Both solutions have their advantages and can be used in tandem or individually.


The URETEK Method is a foundation repair solution that uses expanding polymer to lift, stabilize, and fill under slab voids. It’s a popular alternative to pressed piles because it’s effective, clean, and much less invasive than piles. Most foundation repairs with URETEK Method are completed within one day.


The URETEK Method® does NOT require tunneling, digging or excavation of any kind to lift and stabilize concrete foundations, driveways, parking lots and sidewalks. Seal leaking infrastructure assets without disturbing the soil. The URETEK Method® will NOT turn your commercial property or home into a construction zone.

Minimal Downtime

Interior pilings take days to install, replacing concrete takes weeks and both are a pain to endure. The URETEK Method® utilizes fast curing polymer that reaches 90% strength in just 15 minutes. That means that business can resume normally by the time our highly-skilled technicians have left the service area.

Cost Effective

Tunneling to install interior pilings is too expensive, jack hammering the slab is a mess and it destroys your flooring. The URETEK Method® is a cost-effective alternative foundation repair method to expensive tunneling and destroying your slab to install interior pilings.

Pressed Pilings

Pressed piles are the most common foundation repair solution used in Greater Houston. They are concrete cylinders that are installed under your grade beam in order to support and lift your foundation. Piles are economical and long-lasting solution; however installation will require digging to expose parts of your grade beam. Foundations can typically be repaired within 2-3 days using pressed piles.

I am *extremely* grateful for the folks at URETEK ICR Gulf Coast…

The folks at URETEK were much more concerned about ensuring my problem gets fixed than they were about taking my money and leaving me with more house problems. In finding the leak first, encouraging me to talk with insurance, and not continuing the work once the leak was found, they have honestly saved me thousands of dollars spent on near-term fixes that wouldn’t be addressing what I need to be working on.

I would be in a mess without these folks and cannot recommend them enough.

Hans Googer

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