Uneven concrete slabs will put unnecessary stress on a building’s structural integrity. So how do you know your foundation needs repair? Cracks in the walls are one indicator, along with uneven foundation.

Thanks to polyurethane foam injections, lifting and stabilizing home foundations has never been easier. Let’s discuss some of the most common benefits of foam foundation repair for Houston-area homes.

How Foam Helps with Home Foundation Repair

Polyurethane foam injected into small holes drilled into concrete foundations will lift and level the slabs. The foam foundation is also waterproof, which means it won’t shrink or expand when wet. This way, you get a level foundation you can depend on.

5 Benefits of Foam Foundation Repair

Sinking or uneven foundations are common in the Houston area, but luckily, polyurethane foam foundation repair can fix these problems. Polyurethane foam will stabilize your home’s foundation, but that’s not the only benefit you get when you chose this process. Check out these five additional advantages:

  1. Fast and precise. Polyurethane foam is 80% faster than other foundation repair methods. As a result, you won’t have to wait days or weeks for the material to dry; instead, it only takes a few hours. The injection method also ensures the foam is injected precisely where foundational support is necessary.
  2. Increased Strength. Polyurethane is a dense foam. It provides the stability you need to support the building’s weight. In addition, its elongation and tensile strength properties allow it to support your home.
  3. Versatility. The earth is constantly moving, and this will affect your home’s foundation. Polyurethane compensates for this by expanding to fill voids during injection and provide support once it has cured into a dense material.
  4. Resistant to moisture. It’s typical for homes in Houston to have problems with moisture. Humidity levels are high and groundwater seeping into home foundations is a common problem. Polyurethane foam is resistant to moisture and creates a seal that protects the foundation from additional issues.
  5. Structural Integrity. Homes in Houston are vulnerable to tropical weather disturbances. Polyurethane foam won’t guarantee your home isn’t affected, but it will help keep your home level. The water-resistant expanding foam can be used to fill voids under your slab caused by washout due to heavy rain or flooding.


Is Polyurethane Foam Foundation Repair Worth It?

For homeowners wondering if polyurethane foam is worth the expense, the benefits say it all.

Our polyurethane foam material is hydro-insensitive and closed-cell, which is essential along the Gulf Coast. It is also easy to inject into your existing foundation.

You also won’t have to worry about major disturbances to the home or property. The polyurethane foam has a fast curing time, eliminating any inconveniences. In addition, you won’t have to relocate when the foam is injected.

How the material works is simple—it seeps into the sub-base of the concrete, binding the soil particles together and strengthening the foundation. This raising method improves structural integrity without weighing down the home’s foundation.

In comparison, other foundation repair methods can add up to 100 pounds per cubic foot. You also have to account for the weight from the mud jacking grout. Using polyurethane foam to raise the foundation only adds around three to five pounds. Putting less weight on your foundation helps ensure its integrity for the life of your home.

Partnering with the Best Foam Foundation Repair Company in Houston

Do you have uneven foundation or notice cracks in the walls? It may indicate your foundation is sinking.

Raising your foundation doesn’t have to be a huge expense. Polyurethane foam is a cost-effective solution. It helps to offset the cost of foundation repair and can be used to stabilize old and new structures.

When it is time to level your foundation, contact the professionals at URETEK Gulf Coast. Whether it is a foundation problem at a private or commercial property, we are here to help.

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