Unisource Worldwide Incorporated contacted URETEK regarding subsidence in one building that was causing a wall to tilt.  Images above depict before and after shots of the tilted wall. When researching their foundation repair options, Unisource found the perfect alternative to traditional methods like mudjacking, tunneling, and interior piers. URETEK provides innovative, superior technology for foundation repair.  The URETEK Method is non-invasive–  URETEK drills penny-sized holes, not 2×4 feet holes as found in interior piers.  The URETEK Method is fast–  Typical URETEK jobs take 4-6 hours to complete versus up to one week for mudjacking.  The URETEK Method is also non-disruptive– tenants and business operations are NOT shut down unlike with traditional methods.  Unisource searched for the right solution and found the answer in URETEK.