URETEK ICR Gulf Coast provided a solution for a sanitary sewer manhole experiencing significant I & I issues for a local Texas M.U.D. operator.  The operator was alerted to the issue by the appearance of a sinkhole. 



The Solution


URETEK ICR technicians injected URETEK’s patented geopolymer into the water pathways and allowed URETEK’s hydro-insensitive material to actively seek out the leaks.  URETEK’s high density material followed the water pathways and expanded into the leak around the drop inlet, as well as three separate leaks in the bench.  



Zero Excavation = Zero Downtime

By choosing URETEK this operator was able to save money on water treatment cost, prevent the sinkhole from becoming larger, and extend the life of the manhole all with zero excavation.  URETEK technicians were able to seal the leaks in this manhole in less than an hour.  The operator was pleasantly pleased with URETEK’S solutions.